Modern futbol first appeared in history around 1863 in England with similar sports being played since the history of man. It then became the first team sport included in the Olympic Games.

Futbol is a sport played by two teams with at most eleven players, including the gollie (keeper). The sport is to be soley played with the player's feet, excluding the keeper, who can use their hands inside of the keeper's box. A goal is only scored when the entire ball crosses underneath the top bar of the goal.

The ultimate honor for a futbol player is the World Cup, hosted by FIFA. The world cup is a giant competition for the best countries to compete for the title. The world cup is the most viewed broadcast of all time.



  1. The duration of the game is be two equal periods of 45 minutes.
    1. The basic equipment of a player consists of a jersey or shirt, shorts,socks, shin guards and cleats.
    2. A player cannot not wear anything which is dangerous to another player.
  2. Shin guards, which must be covered entirely by the stockings, shall be made of rubber, plastic, polyurethane or similar substance.
  3. The goalkeeper shall wear colors which distinguish him from the other players and from the referee.
  4. A match shall be played by two teams, each having not more than eleven players, one of whom is be the goalkeeper
  5. The ball shall be spherica

    The circumference of the ball cannot not be more than 28 inches and not less than 27 inches. The weight of the ball at the start of the game shall not be more than 16 ounces or less than 14 ounces. The pressure shall be equal to 0.6 - 1.1 atmosphere preasure(==600 - 1,100 gr/cm(sq)) at sea level. The ball shall not be changed during the game unless authorized by the referee.

  6. A goal is scored when the whole of the ball has passed over the goal-line, between the goal-posts and under the top-bar.

    The team scoring the greater number of goals during a game is the winner; if no goals or an equal number of goals are scored, the game shall be termed a "draw".

  7. The field of play shall be rectangular, its length being not more than 130 yards nor less than 100 yards and its breadth not more than 100 yards nor less than 50 yards. (In international matches the length shall be not more than 120 yards nor less than 110 yards and the breadth not more than 80 yards nor less than 70 yards.) The length shall in all cases exceed the breadth.



Famous Players:

Dudes Chicks
Ali Daei Mia Hamm
Ferenc Puskás Kara Lang
Pelé Birgit Prinz
Bashar Abdullah Michelle Akers
Hossam Hassan Sun Wen
Gerd Müller Bettina Wiegmann
Majed Abdullah  


Top Goal Scorers of all time

Player Games Goals
Josef Bican ? 800+
Romário 986 768
Pelé 827 765
Gerd Müller 793 735
Ferenc Puskás ? 701+




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