Fencing is an exciting game much like sword fighting.

Fencing is still the same as when it was made several hundred years ago. It is also one of the only sports that appeared in all of the Olympic Games.



The word fencing comes from the word "defense". During the 1600's, it was a common sight to see a man wearing a sword on his side. Almost every conflict was settled with dueling during that time, although it is now illegal. If someone was wearing a sword, he was required to have lessons so the he wouldn't get ambushed by another person wearing a sword.

With different weapons come different rules. Here are the different types of weapons with their rules:

  • Foil: The most commonly used weapon in fencing. Its blade is very thin with a foiled tip. A technique fencer's use with the foil is called a flick. While parrying, fencers try to get the foil to bend around the opponent's and hit them at the same time. Only the chest area is targeted when using the foil.


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