The history behind boxing is very interesting. Many people think that boxing was first played in Africa, Rome, and Greece around 4000 B.C. These games were played in Africa because owners would receive slaves if they won. Even free men fought for fun and spirit. Later on, king and queens in Africa started banning the sport because of violence and distractions. In 1680s, the King of Britain challenged his butler and butcher for his amusement and fun. Jack Boughtonis was credited for establishing a set of rules in 1743 after a match that left his opponent dead. He, soon, became a legend and became known as the "Father of Boxing." Soon after that, many people started playing all around the world.


The Object of The Game, Scoring, and The Rules of The Game:

The object of the game is to knock out the opponent by punching him or her above the waist until the person falls. The scoring is calculated by the number of knockouts or damage taken by the opponent.

For a full set of rules, use the websites at the bottom of this page.


Some Famous Players:

1. Gene Tunney (Heavyweight Champion)

2. Corbett (Heavyweight Champion)

3. Suvillan (Heavyweight Champion)

4. Barney Ross (Lightweight Champion)

5. Henry Armstrong (Lightweight Champion)



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