... Asahiyama, Hokkaido Zoo ...

Asahiyama, Asahikawa-shi Zoo is a zoo of the Japanese northernmost in Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido. I carried out the action exhibition that the natural habits were seen in of the animal and became famous at a bound. I settle as a sightseeing spot representing Hokkaido, and many tourists come recently from not only Japanese soil but also the foreign countries.

*An institution*

Orangutan building bruises assume the popular "walk of the King penguin" at the time of the opening of the park hokkyokubear building for the winter season; is already a whole building / eagle hawk building forest / reptiles building / pengin building hokkyoku building of building / orangutan building / spider colander / kapibara building / pheasant building / air athletic ground child ranch / monkey building / synthesis animal building / the chimpanzee

*A representative breeding animal*

For a zoo located in the north, there is much breeding of an animal of north origin
other than a normal animal. Orangutan penguin polar bear harbor seal Amur tiger lion black panther snow leopard Amur panther ezohibear.