Melting Pot of America

America is a Melting Pot when it comes to people and even more so when it comes to food. It's a mix of culture and styles of food and flavors brought together in some weird way to make them, and they all have a cultural background and come from a different place and sometimes from several different countries. Whether spicy or sweet maybe even salty, they all come together in a plate of food. So when someone says America is a Melting Pot it is. It's all the "ooey gooey" things that go into a big pot of food.Food is one of the most common things that brings people together weather at a sporting event, at a dinner table or a bunch of snacks on a road trip. Food is a common element in Culture.


West Coast Cuisine

West Coast foods…have more of a “health” to them than other American foods. Well not including “IN & OUT BURGER”, but they still have a more natural look and taste to them, with fresh produce, good fishing, and a lot of farm lands. All along the coast there are similar and different flavors ranging from healthy seafood's with zesty flavors to fruity meats with Asian spices, and Old Traditional Mexican style food, and all the salads, snacks, and fast food in between. Then there's COFFEE, the one thing that keeps everyone on the west coast going especially when “Starbucks” originates from Seattle , Washington . The people in the west coast tend to be busy, so there isn't really any set way of eating its more of what's easy to make or grab on the go, but every now and then they have a sit down lunch or dinner, but if you live in Hollywood, California its more about the latest diet and what is healthy “TO GO”!


Midwestern Cuisine

The Midwest is a very cowboy section of the U.S. Although the recipes on this web site were not originally from the Midwest of the Unites States, they are very common in that area. Some recipes are very unique to the Midwest and are prepared with a Midwestern style. Midwesterners customarily serve their meals family-style or with a buffet style other than having set courses. They refer to their carbonated beverages as “pop” or “soda”. Since they are more of a cowboy area they do a lot of farming meaning they eat a lot of beef (cow) and pork (pig), with sides of mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, baked beans, onions, and broccoli for some examples. Seeing as I have referred to the Midwest as a “cowboy” area it makes since to say what is meant by that. Since there are a lot of cowboys in that area they do a lot of farming. They tend cattle and horses on cattle ranches, kind of like a farm but a fancier name. Cowboys are normally animal herders for horses and cattle. Don't get cowboys mixed up with wranglers whose responsibility is mostly horses. So to put it simply they like their beef. The recipes on this part of the web site will all have something to do with beef or have some kind of meat. Although that does not mean that all they eat is beef, some could be vegetarians.


Southern Food

Southern Food has been evolving for a long time. Most food from the south has merely come from the Native American people who were there originally. The main staples of the South are; corn, potatoes, beans, squash, tomatoes and peppers. These foods have impacted the overall taste of main southern dishes. The South has used the term “Soul Food” to describe their food. A lot of the food from the South has an extremely high fat and calorie content. Southern Flavors such as: Spicy - A lot of southern food has an exotic Cajun taste. Peppers used in southern cooking include Jalapeños and habaneros. Meaty - Protein is a serious staple in southern cooking. Small game and livestock are used most. Small game includes rabbits, deer and squirrels. Livestock includes cows and pigs. Unusual meats include turtle, striped bass and crawfish. Sweet - Southern deserts and some drinks are extremely sweet. Teas and cake-like deserts have high sugar content.Southern food is comfort food. It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. An example of this is very cheesy macaroni and cheese.


East Coast Cuisine

The East Coast comprises of the oldest states of the union, and is renowned for their different culinary styles. No matter where you go on the coast, it's certain that the cuisine that you will find will be varied and unique. From New York 's vast arrangements, including their own, home-styles of pizza, cheesecake, and bagels, to Massachusetts cuisine, ranging from Boston Crème Doughnuts to New England Clam Chowder, and even to the lesser known foods, such as Coney Island 's wieners and apizza, the East Coast's eclectic foods are perfect for any occasion.


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