The Culture and Life of Littleton High Schoolers

We have put together a few samples of what regular kids usually do on weekdays and weekends. This should give you a more realistic feeling of what it is like for us here in the United States. In particular, Littleton High School of Colorado.


..::One Day In The Life Of Savannah Pedersen::..


Usually my days are pretty spontaneous. This is just a basic idea of what some of my days are like. They're kind of lame if you ask me. It was actually pretty hard though to try and pin down what I actually do during the day. Half the time I'm not actually paying attention!

School Day

6:30 - I wake up and roll out of bed.
6:30 - I carry myself to my bathroom to get ready for school. I get dressed, do my eyeliner (never ever would I leave my house without eyeliner on!), and then do other stuff that needs to be done.
7:00 - I usually leave for school about this time. My dad drives me because I don't have a license yet. Haha.
7:10 - I get to school about this time, depending on traffic of course, and go to my locker to get my things.
7:21 - I start class.
9 or 10:30 - Depending on what day of the week it is I have off periods at different times. During this time I hang out with my friends mostly. Sometimes we go hang out at someone's house, go to a store and wander around, or just cause trouble at school.
Around 12 - About this time, depending on the day and my schedule, I go to lunch. I usually have taco bell since it's right down the block. Although sometimes I go to Burger King, McDonalds, or Wendy's to eat. I try to mix it up a bit during the week. Haha.
2:13 - I get off school at this time and usually go home with friends and hang out. If it's Friday we usually start getting ready to go out for the rest of the day.
6:00ish - Depending on when I'm done hanging out I usually get home around 6. I always eat when I get home. Can't you just tell that I love food?!
6:30 - I usually go in my room and turn on music really loud and go on MySpace. Sometimes I do homework if I have any, too.
10:00ish - About this time I will usually take a shower.
10:30 - Again, I will go on MySpace, listen to some more music, and maybe call some friends to talk for a while, if I'm not already texting them. (I text way too much!)


10:00 - I usually wake up between 9 and 11. Depending what we (me and my friends) were doing the night before. Sometimes I'm at home and sometimes I'm at a friends house, just depends where we stay.
11:00 - At this time I go home, if I'm not already, and take a shower.
12:00 - Now that I am ready to be out for the day, I do some quick dishes or other chore for my parents and then leave again. Usually my friend picks me up and we go get something to eat or pick up other friends. Then, until later that night, we just hang out and do whatever sounds fun.
7:00 - Around this time there is usually a show I want to go to. It's so much fun to just mess around, dance, and of course listen to music! If there isn't a show that night we sometimes go to a movie, the mall, downtown, or something else.
11:00 - About this time we start heading home. We always end up getting taco bell before we go home. It's cheap and yummy! Haha!
2:00ish - Depending on if I'm at a friends house and what we do, I could end up staying up all night!