Julian Middle School

As a collaborative group I think we worked OK together, but we did not do very much as a group, just like helping each other with problems. I learned how to use flash and fireworks and dreamweaver and many other programs. And I like using those programs too. I have learned that working with other students is a great way to show your abilities and help each other. I thought that it was a fun project, because we got to talk with other people around the world. And I thought it was very interesting learning about the other people’s life styles. I think that I would change it so we could chat live with the people from other countries, because it would be interesting.
Teddy G.

I learned how to use flash among others. I learned to ask for help. I need work on work habits and being responsible to complete work. Yes, I liked doing it and I now want to make my own website
Duncan F.

Overall we worked together but I think there were times when we slacked off. Everyone did their part even if it took a person three weeks to make a picture. I’m a Guru when it comes to PC’s but this year I learned a lot about Macintosh computers and how to do certain things you can do on a PC. I learned a lot about flash, I plan, this summer of course, to use what I learned to make games at home and put them on sites like and I hope people will like them. I also now have experience with web design also. I learned that when one person is slacking off it makes the whole group look bad. For an overall great experience everyone has to contribute. I really like this classroom setting. I learned that Deadlines come quicker then they seem, and the closer it is to the deadline the harder I work. I would make the prize bigger. No, seriously there is nothing I would change.
Evan T.

I think we did ok because some people didn’t really do a lot of work and didn’t contribute as much as others. Also for some of the kids that are new to programs like flash it was difficult but they did get help if they needed it. I have learned a lot about how to use different programs like Flash and Java Hot Potatoes. I have also learned to do my work and concentrate on what I am supposed to be doing. I have learned that it is not as easy as you might think. It requires constant communication on who is doing what. I have learned that I need to concentrate more and do my work when I am supposed to be doing it. I still am not able to contribute very much because I don’t know how to use programs like Flash very well. I am also not very good at sticking to what I am supposed to be doing. Especially when working with a computer I can get distracted very easily.
Philip R.

I believe that I did well working in a group. I learned how together with other people and complete tasks. Since we worked in a large group, we got a lot done. I have learned Flash Action scripting and how to make flash games/movies. I also learned how to use other programs like dream weaver. I've also learned how to convert to mp3's. Teamwork is the way to go if you want to get a job done. There are a lot of people who are there to help. I am an independent worker and I like making games. I thought it was a fun experience. I like working with computers so this was a good class.

I think that as a collaborative group we did really well. We have been turning work on time. Nobody has gotten in fights with each other. Almost everybody is working the whole time. I learned a lot of stuff in this class. I have learned how to make flashes, morph flash banners, regular banners, citations, and many more. I learned how to trust people to do their work for contests and projects, and especially with partner working. I have learned that it is important to turn in work on time and discuss what we want to have on our project. I also learned that it is important to make sure everyone is working on their project knows what to do. I learned that I can remember an assignment I am supposed to do without looking back, but sometimes I forget. I currently have a good memory on these assignments on Moodle. I have also learned how to be more responsible and more trustworthy.

I think that as a collaborative group I worked pretty well. But I think that I put things off. Then a new assignment would come, and I still need to work on the one that I put off. That puts me behind for the new one then. I have learned that you that it takes a lot of work to get the job done. I have also learned that you need to pay attention and listen well to the directions. I have leaned that procrastination isn’t good because it can affect all of the other people who are working in the group. It can through everyone else off. You really need to work well as a group and you have to keep on schedule. If you fall behind it can affect the entire group. Yes I think that it was a good experience because I’ve learned many things from doing these sorts of things.

I have learned how to use several different applications that I did not know how to use before I started Virtual Classroom. Some of the things I have learned include creating a song in garage band, inserting a song into a Flash document, and inserting photos into a Dreamweaver page. Working with other students in a group requires that everyone get their work done on time. If one person falls behind on a project it could affect everyone in the group. I have learned in order to be responsible and get work completed on time requires not leaving work until the last moment. It is not good to procrastinate because if work is started and something does not go as planned there is not enough time to make corrections. I would like to do this project again if I had the opportunity. It was a lot of fun working with people from other countries. I also enjoyed working with computers and learning about new applications. If I had the opportunity to change anything about Virtual Classroom I can not think of anything I would change.

I think we worked great as a collaborative group. We helped each other when we needed help, and let others know when they were doing something wrong. I’ve learned a lot about computers (Macs especially), I’ve learned how to work with people better and to not be afraid to ask questions. I have learned to e patient with other students, so they would do the same for me. I also have learned that you can have a lot fun meeting these students I did not know last year. I’ve have learned to get my work in on time, and that if I don’t there can be consequences. I like doing things in groups because that way not all of the work is put on someone’s shoulders. I would not change anything, because I like the fact that we made a website for little kids. It is much easier to do things for little kids than it is to do it for older kids.

I think for the most part we worked well as a collaborative group. We were all usually working on things to help out the web site and we all helped each other out when one of us could not do something. However, sometimes we did not work so well and we kind of slacked off. I think this is partly the reason why we have a lot of work to cram in in the end. I think I have learned a lot from this class. At the beginning of the year I had my doubts that I would learn a lot things year because I had taken this class last year. However, I was wrong and I learned many things. I learned how to use the flash program better as well has Java Hot Pot. I really learned a lot about making quizzes. Also, this class was good to refresh my memory about a lot of things I had learned the year before such as how to use Dreamweaver. I learned how people can help other people and they can help them and everyone will do better. I have learned to be a lot more responsible about my work. I learned to always look on Moodle every day to make sure that I was not missing any assignments. When I checked Moodle and didn’t see anything to do I always look in Julian GV to see any additional work I could do. I think over all I learned a lot more just about being responsible for my work and organizing my time well. I think I would like to do this project again I had a choice. It was very fun and I learned a lot. I also think that if I did this project again I could continue to learn which would be very helpful.

I think we did pretty well as a group. Almost everyone is usually working on something whether it is a game or a flash or something else. You can also usually depend on someone else to get something done. I have learned to work better with people while we attempt to create something; to trust people to do things and complete things on projects that we are both working on. I learned that it is important to complete your work on time and discuss what we want to have on our project. I have also learned that it is important to make sure that everyone working on the project knows what to do. This experience is made me realize that I am forgetful. I am currently trying to improve my memory so that I can remember what I am told to do. I have also learned to be more responsible and to work harder when under pressure. I would like to do it again because it is fun to work with other people and it allows you to do less work. I wouldn’t change anything. I think that this class is set great. I believe that everyone gets an even amount of work and everyone gets the same opportunity to do great.

I feel that both our groups did well enough working. There were some issues that occurred with the language barrier, but we managed to triumph over that. In a way, the other countries didn’t really do much, mainly since they didn’t have the necessary tools to do anything. They wrote things, some things were good, others, not so much. It was a hard ordeal, but I’ve learned to tough through it sometimes. I have learned that while you may meet a student that is competent, you may still be the one that is doing all the work. I’ve learned that my work habits are pretty good. When the need arises, I get the job done. When we needed the opener I was more than happy to help, I think it really came along nicely. We’ll see once it is judged though. The classroom is a good environment, and the work is fun and exciting, and you are always learning new things. I have a very friendly and good teacher also, who is always there if we need any help with any of the things. She tells us what to do, but we are the ones that have to do it, it helps us learn. If I could change anything, I’d probably want a partner that could speak better English, and do more on the computer.

As a group we have worked hard to share or input and ideas with each other. This has helped me get a greater idea of what the rest of the group wants this website to be like. In the long run it has truly helped me get ideas of what would best suit the flashes I’ve made as intros. I have definitely learned loads more about flash. With all the experience I now have, I can figure out much more special effects that take my videos to a whole new level. Also, with all of the flashes I have now made I can realize what looks most realistic in the finished product. I have also learned very much about working with other people and their ideas. It has really made me realize that with more people’s inputs, the finished product is in much better quality. I work better when I get an inspiration. For example I got the assignment of the games entry but I could not come up with anything that would work well in the flash so after a couple days of brainstorming I went to get a change in the project and with the new assignment I have I came up with many ideas that would be great in the flash so I know that this flash will be better than if I had no ideas. If I had the chance to make a website again I would definitely take the opportunity. This has been a very good experience for my work and the ideas that everyone works together to get a large project done. I think that it is a great way to understand better the idea of the working world.
Tom D.

I think that we didn’t do to much work together but we did a little bit and I think we worked well when we did but other than that we worked by ourselves. I learned how to use fireworks and dreamweaver. I also now think that I am better at computer programs. Not everyone got their part done and it seemed like not all the countries did work.I would have some other countries do some of our work and we do some of their work.

I do not think we hardly collaborated at all. I learned how to use programs like Flash, Dream Weaver and Photoshop. I don’t feel I worked with other students. I learned to keep habits such as checking Moodle every day. I think I would do this again because it is fun and is easy to learn. I would let the students listen to music because they will do it anyway and it helps me think.

I think I did well because I worked hard, got my stuff done and got along well with the other children. I have learned tons of stuff such as, working with Flash and creating a movie, working in Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and in iMovie . I have learned that just doing your assignments right away and having a good work ethic really matter when working in a group and that the other group members really appreciate it. I am a major procrastinator and that it is better off for me to just get my work done right away in stead of holding it f to the last minute. I had tons of fun and it helped me out big time with helping me develop a good work ethic.
Tom I.

Lyceum NSTU

Firstly, communication during work on that project is useful and maybe better than partly connection with the native speakers, as well as taking part in some English course projects. Due to close communication with foreign students from USA and Japan, we are able to compare that working on the project and living in English-speaking country.

The second benefit of project contains the idea that only good students were attracted to work on that project, so that all of us could work using all our abilities and knowledge, so that we have to make all from us to look on the same level of knowing English language as our foreign project partners.

By the third, we liked working on that project due to need of close communication with our lyceum friends, so that our acquaintances became closer, so that we knew that there are a lot pupils who know the English on the same level as we know it.

To sum up, that project needs to exist so that good students would be able to communicate with foreign partners.
Nikita & Dima Zh

GVC project is a great experience for all students who are involved in it. It is very interesting way of work when 3 countries write the site together. Because of this we could know about the opinions from students who live very far in the USA and Japan.

Our topic was childhood and it was very interesting to write materials on this topic: we all were children not very long ago and it was fun to remember and share our experiences. And we can see that we all were almost alike being children, we even liked the same things as our partners.

Project helped us to use our English language knowledge with real purpose and not only doing exercises and writing works for our teacher to check. It is shrilling to know that our works will be read by many students from other parts of the world.

We wish to continue doing this project in the future.
Lyceum NSTU students

Hokurikugakuin JH School
Good relationship in collaborative group. I fell the difference of childhood between US and Japan. I grown up my English words. I can’t do again maybe. I will be a high school student. It will so busy? I feel world is wide. Many kinds of thinking are on the earth. I want have global thinking.
Ayane M.

It was good. I’d liked to learn about Flash. Even different country, children are similar. It was need the cooperation for going on the work. I did the work positive. I felt need ability of English. I'd like to do this again, but depend on the case. I’d like to try, even if I’ll be busy.
Makoto F.

It was good for me. We always need collaboration. I learned we could share common topics during different countries. Thinking was hard for me, But when I was understand I feel I am a member of team. I want to try again. I can study English pleasantly. I could work at GVC, I’ll become positive thinking and aggressive. I want to challenge for many things.
Midori G.

The important thing is to know each other. Good communication makes a good collaborative group. It is hard to conversation for me. But I’d like to do any more. Other students make a design my photos or pictures, It makes me happy. I didn’t know the other students can make some games. I have much improved for using computer. I’d like to try, It was so fun I like GVC. I’d like to learn about US or Russia more. I didn’t like English before, but I like English now. I think English was difficult, dislike, but I feel enjoy the English now. It is unbelievable myself.
Mao S.

Somebody gives a theme every week, everybody write some sentences or paint some pictures or bring some photos.
We shared different culture. I was surprised the differences. I was so happy when someone put an animation for my writing. I love Kitty, Someone give make a picture of Kitty. I’m interested in culture. I wrote English many times for sentences or e-mail exchange. I want to try more. I need time for like this activity. I was so busy to study, because we have many tests and big entrance examination. I want to try again when I have enough time. I find what we could exchange even if I didn’t have perfect grammar skill. I’m sorry, I couldn’t exchange with Russian students enough.
Misato T.

We can collaborate with other countries by high technologies. I felt the difference of culture and events. I wrote the sentences, friends make me the picture and music, I was excited. I send just sentences, wonderful things are coming back. I can’t make music and pictures. It is collaboration. It’s so wonderful everybody had done what they could do. I want to do again. I didn’t have enough time this GVC, because we have to study hard. I’d like to make sentence any more. I hope to have a share in the next chance. I am interesting in English. I was grown up vocabulary.
Mako N.

I didn’t do work enough. But this is my first experience. I learned that we are interested in the another cultures. I was happy. I feel happy when I understood about other country students. I could understand, and I knew them. I think my work is imperfect, it was bad. I want to try more. I didn’t have enough time this GVC. I want to do more. I think about US or Russia many times. Now, I become read English active than before.
Mari M.