Tom and Jerry

In childhood my favourite cartoon was Tom and Jerry. Every day I wanted to watch this cartoon. There were two main characters Ė cat and mouse. It was very easy plot. Every time Tom tried to catch Jerry. I thought it was very interesting. Also, there were a lot of funny situations that I remember well now. Of course, I like watching cartoons even now and I donít agree that cartoons are only for children.

tom and jerryMy favourite cartoon in childhood was Tom and Jerry. It is very funny and when I saw it, I smiled and laughed a lot. There is a lot of action in the cartoon and it is very bright. When I was a child my mother even bought the plates holder with pictures from this cartoon. My favourite character was Tom and I felt very sorry for him when he got in stupid situations. I was interested to see when cat will catch mouse but it never happened. Sometimes even now I can watch this cartoon.

From foreign cartoons I liked Tom and Jerry. It is about funny events happening with cat and mouse. Of course, mouse was always sly and cleverer than cat and these adventures made me smile.

When I was younger I liked to watch Tom and Jerry and I still do. This show is about a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. Tom is always trying to catch Jerry but he never succeeds. This cartoon does not have a lot of audio but is still very funny.

Summary: Irina G., Alexey & Zhenya A., Russia & Emily A., USA
Background: Tom I., USA


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