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Credits and Acknowledgements:

Kudos to all the students of

Hokurikugakuin JH SchoolJapan Flag
Lyceum NSTU Russian Flag
Percy Julian Middle School USA flag

for their dedication and hard work to create this site.

Specific credits for individual pages found at the bottom of each page.

Because they are in a Technology Class, Julian's students did many of the "bells & whistles".
However without the text from Russia and Japan our tech would be meaningless; we
thank our partners for their contributions.

Site Layout & Navigation
Nathan R. USA flag

Opening Flash
Tom D., Music: Eddie G.M., USA flag

Other Opening Screens
Nathan R., Tom D., Ryan C., Evan F. USA flag
Arina & Nastya L., Russian Flag

Tom I., Evan T., Richard B., Philip R. USA flag

Overall Proof Reading and Editing
All Students Russian FlagUSA flag Japan Flag

Executive Producers
Ms. Janet Barnstable USA flag
Sensei Yumi TatsushiaJapan Flag
Milana Zubritskaya Russian Flag

Software & Sites Used
Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Studio 8 [Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver]
Adobe Photoshop Elements [V4] ||| |Norrcross MorphX
GarageBand ||| iMovie ||| Audacity ||| MS Word
Hot Potatoes ||| Google Earth ||| YouTube Community ||| |||

Special thanks to
Nicenet for providing collaborative space.
Tzeadim Play center,
Silbi Petki Ramot Owner,
for sending photos of the center.

And most importantly, Give Something Back International,
for sponsoring this outstanding program.

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Hokurikugakuin JH School, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
Percy Julian Middle School, Oak Park, Illinois, USA