Listen! What's L.O.H.A.S all about?

voice recorded by Erin, L.B.M.S


Welcome to LOHAS. LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. LOHAS is a shared value by many people across the entire world. People are using LOHAS values to restructure their lives and are using ideas about health, the environment, business, energy and community development to improve the world. We have collaborated and are presenting natural products and organic food, energy-saving products, green and sustainable buildings, close to nature, and interviews with LOHAS groups. Have fun learning more about this much-needed philosophy during this important time in our lives when we need to be concerned about the earth’s future!

All the flash are made by students in Taiwan;
All the graphics are made by students in U.S.A.
Data are written by the teamwork of three schools.
This website is dedicated to the team, GVC 07-08!
Thanks for all hardworking of our team members.
~We are proud of your performance!~

The school team of GVC 07-08

  Yizai Elementary School
Tainan City, Taiwan
Long Beach Middle School
Long Beach, Mississippi, U.S.A
Amerman Elementary School
Northville, Michigan, U.S.A http://www.northville.k12.mi.