reflections: Our Work, collaboration, & Enjoyment

Ein Ganim Percy Julian Ohsawa

I think that it is really amazing to be a part of the project, we learn English and internet skills but mostly how to receive the other, the different because miles away there is another boy or a girl who is writing us a letter of thanks for this project a this is the best part of the project; the friendship, the letters, the stories, the website, It is very important to share our cultures, loves, arts, beliefs, hobbies, knowledge and actually our lives by the internet, because when we finish school I am sure that we are going to miss the  GVC project, the fun of  writing to a person miles and miles away from you that without the project you  wouldn’t have ever met.


I think that the collaboration in our group is very good because we could not talk with the Japanese (since they don’t know English very well) and anyways, we still built  a site in the Global Virtual Classroom with Flash, Frames, Pixie, Pivot, texts and others .(For example: The Israeli’s wrote  text, the Americans made banners. We cared about the Japanese friends and were thrilled when we received their materials and learned about their culture.
I learn lot of things like computer skills, more English, but the best thing is to collaborative with the other people. I learned how to collaborative with the other students.
I also learned to help my friends if they did not complete their work.
We could not complete work because of it and project would be stuck.
If I could do this project again, I would, because this was very exciting and lots of fun.
I would not want to change anything!

Omer 6th grade

We think that the project was fun, and we like it a lot and the collaboration was great.
We learned many computer programs and English.
We learned about different holidays and our friends hobbies.
We learned that we have to be responsible to fill in stuff that someone could not do and to help other kids. In addition, we learned a lot of English and computer programs. We wouldn't change anything.

Nadav and Lotan

I think that our work can answer this question.
Our worldwide cooperation by the web and our teachers made a whole site out of our work.
I have learned many technological skills, like using programs and fixing problems in the computer.
But, the most important thing I learned is about the culture and about the daily life.
I have understood that any child has his own prospective on the subject,
And if we combine a lot of children in one work we will have a very interesting product.
After I tried doing all kinds of work, I became aware of my abilities and chose the works I liked doing the most.
Well, of course I would do this project again!
These projects made me learn new things-technology, writing skills, cultures…
No teacher or book could teach me like that.
I wouldn't change anything.
The project was great!

Tomer .B

I think that when we – as a class worked with a collaborative group – we did a great job, because – we all shared things together and learned a lot and we shared the most important thing in every country with other people from other country; our country habits and history. So, I think I and my class did really well.
I think I have learned more about other countries and other types of people, I think I have learned to share and I've learned more computer skills. [And it was more special because I have shared the new things I was creating with different countries…]
I've learned that working together brings some thing new and big for the world, I've learned that when you work with some one else – especially from other countries – you learn something new about the world and about yourself.
I have learned that I can finish a project that I have started, I think that the many projects we were doing – made me to feel more responsible about my things and the things I'm writing, it gives a meaning for the things you write.
I would love to do that project again because when you do and create – you learn more things about the things you can do – and it gives you more self confidence.
I wouldn't change any thing. It was great and I'm sad it's over.


I think my class and the classes from Julian and Osawa worked in a real collaboration. For example: a child started to write a story, later, another child from another country continued his story and so on.
This way we wrote stories and read ideas of other kids.
I learned from the project how to communicate with other wonderful children and how to connect our ideas and our brains.
I learned about working with other students even if we are different, we found the resemblance and we made a special product-the project.
I improved to myself work habits: if someone is missing my friends and I completed his mission.
About the responsibility to complete work, I informed Marsha, if I couldn’t complete the mission and together we trie to find a solution.

Yes, I want to do project like this again because I enjoyed it very much.
I don't want to change anything because that project taught and helped all of us.
With love

I had a lot of fun to work in the project, and I think I did a lot as a collaborative group, like I wrote a story about aliens that combined and me and other kids, and I made banners to pages that are not mine.

Most of all, I learned a lot of English with the kids and because of them in the project.
I think I didn’t know how to work as a collaborative group very well before the project.
I leaned how to be more responsible.
I learned that we have to be sensitive to all the kids in the group.
We have to be responsible for our work in the group.
Other students don’t learn all the things that we do, and they don’t know all the things that we do.
We have to respect all of the kids in the world!
I learned how to be satisfied in what I do have, and to be happy with myself and with my work.
I had a lot of fun the work in our group.
I learned things on the computer that I didn’t know before, and I couldn’t learn without the project.
Most of all, I learned a lot of English, and I learned how to be more responsible and collaborative.
I'd like to write more things…
But except this, I wouldn’t change anything!

Michal 6th grade

I think that we have a lot of collaboration and help in the group.
I learned some new programs and a lot of things in the computer.
I learned about them and the other countries and the holidays and I learned that it is so much fun to connect with the other students from other countries.
I would like to do this project again because I think that this project is very special and I will never do something like this again.
I wouldn't change anything but I think that it is will be simpler if we speak with the other students with the E-mail. 

Shani 6th grade 

I think that the collaboration went very well.
I liked when we wrote something and our partners made backgrounds and banners and we then made for them. 
I learned to cooperate with other people and not only my friends but even people from other countries.
I think that this project helped me in  my whole life.
It’s very fun to learn with other students because we have a bigger thinking process.
I learned that my work habits and responsibility are good enough because when my teacher asked me to go and make movie I did it, when she asked me to take pictures I did it and many other things.
I was satisfied with the project and I wouldn’t change anything.

Eitan 6th grade

I think that I did as a collaborative group when I wrote the part of "Israel States of Japan", because this story is not by one child, in this story everyone took the story and inserted something, and it became something of everybody, and its pure collaboration. On the web pages it’s collaboration, too, because, for example, it's text is  from kid in Israel, and background from USA, and together it's a common page.
I learned to work on new programs on the computer like "Photoshop", and "hot potatoes" and I learned to work on a team. I learned about the culture of the other children: about their food' their holidays and more…
I learned to accept the other, if his English is better or worse than me, and I learned that not everybody is like the Israelis, and I need to give respect to everyone on all three teams.
I learned to work fast and do things quickly, because we have one hour in week on the computer, and we need to finish our mission. I also learned to work in pairs,
because many times I worked with other child.
I'd do this project again, because first, I had a lot of fun in this project, and I learned many things, computer qualifications, working habits. I met children from USA and Japan, and It's great! I'd do it again without passing thought.
I don't say that the project is perfect, but the project is so special, and I won't do some kind of project like this ever, so I can't complain.

Harel 6th grade

I think we did really well as a collaborative group especially with the HTML pages. For example: when we did a banner, the kids from U.S.A wrote the text and the kids from Japan did the background.
I think I've learned more about how to work with other children from different countries. I've also learned how to work with Photoshop, Hot Potatoes and Frames.
I've learned how to work with other students in a collaborative way. I think it will help me in my future.
I've learned I have good work habits and I can be responsible.

I would like to do this kind of project again because it was a lot of fun and really helped me with my computer skills.

Roy P.

I think it’s very special because not every day we meet a child with a different habits and a different life style so we know them deeper and discover more about the life in other countries and the life in other cultures.
I’ve learned so much, first in the software programs and in the computer world, and I like working with those programs. We help other children, and I’ve learned a lot about other countries and I’m really happy about that. I’ve even learned about Israel, The Holocaust and our culture from the activities we do.
I’ve known the students from all over the world deeper, got inspiration and discovered a lot.
I imagined the children and the teachers from Japan and America totally different than they are, and now I know that they are amazing people that have warm and big hearts.
We have to be very responsible in the project because if one forgets to make something instantly we save him and help him to do this so it’ll be ready in time.
If I could change something in our project, I’d like to add more budget [despite of I really enjoy of what we already have but I think that if we have more budget we’ll buy more advanced software programs] and that will help us to cherish the great people that are working so hard for our general success.

Shay 6th grade

In my opinion, we did very well as a collaborative group, because each one of the group members contributed to the project, and all of us worked together as a team.
I have learned a lot about other kids from the US and Japan.
In addition, I have improved my computer skills thanks to this project.
I have learned that working with students requires a lot of responsibility for example, sometimes one or even more of the group members was missing, and you needed to fill in his\her place.
I have learned that my work habits were better than I thought (even though I still need to improve some of my habits), and I have found out that I was very responsible to complete work.
I would like to do this kind of project again if I had the opportunity. Why?- Because the project was a lot of fun.
I wouldn’t change anything.

Matan 6th grade

I worked together with a lot of children in this project. I enjoyed working with all of them.
I learnt a lot about Photoshop. I also learnt about Japan and USA.
I learnt that every one in my group has something to say and to do in this project.
I learnt that I need to be in the same speed of others.
Yes, I would like to do this kind of project again because I enjoyed doing it.
There is nothing to change.

Talya 6th grade

I think that it's very good and people need to do more projects like this because children can learn a lot of things from this project. 
I learned to work with new programs like pixie, frames and Claris. I think that my English got better too. 
I learned that all children have tasks and they need to implement them.
I learned that I need to be more responsible.
I want to change only one thing, I want to add more computer hours.

Alyssa 6th grade 

Working with Janet, Yasue and their students has been an unbelievable experience for me and my students. My students and I have advanced in our technology skills more than I can ever write in this small box. Janet, Yasue and I have worked together faithfully, not only as colleagues but as true friends. Thanks to this fantastic program, the GVC has brought 3 classrooms together in a special way, encouraging friendships, global collaboration and authentic learning at its best. I wish to thank everyone warmly for this fantastic way of educating children and educators from around the world.

Marsha Goren


I think that GVC07-02 did well working collaboratively. We communicated well and assigned jobs and got all of our pages done. We also worked together to build our site, looked for errors and found missing pieces that needed to be done.

I think that from this class, I have learned to work cooperatively with people in other countries, with people I would not normally work with and improving how I work with people I do normally work with. I have also learned a ton about managing websites and creating the different parts that go into one. I also learned to use different programs that I had no experience with before.

From working with other students and students in other countries I learned that you have to explain things well to make sure that you get your point across. I also learned how important communication is. Not just between people in a room but between people in different countries.

From this experience I have learned that I work better with other people when I work on the computer rather than working by myself. I also learned that I need to work on remembering to complete assignments by writing then down or having an automated reminder.

If I took this class again I think I would be more active in the class and with the other countries. I would complete more tasks and have a bigger impact on the turnout of the site. I would also try to get other people interested in taking Virtual Classroom.

Leah S. Grade 7

I do very well in a collaborative group because I can get stuff done really fast. I have learned how to communicate with a group without actually seeing them, which is something I am not used to.

I have learned that I have to do what I am good at, because, for example, I am really bad at Flash so I try not to do Flash stuff when I get to pick. I would like to do this kind of project again because I learned a lot, and we got to pick a lot of things that we did so it was fun.

I probably wouldn’t have wasted my time trying to do Flash at the beginning if I could change it.

Emma B. Grade: 7

I learned how to collaborate with a group and how to divide the work up equally. I also learned how to use Flash, Garageband, and Dreamweaver very well.

I learned how to compromise, deal out the work, and make sure that we’re all doing what we’re supposed to do. I think working in a group turned out fine.

I’ve learned that I sometimes forget to do some assignments, but soon enough, I complete it and get the credit for it.

I would like to do this again. I have a lot of fun working with computers to enter a website contest, I enjoy working in a group, and I thought it was a really fun experience.

Gabriel D. Grade 7

As a part of GVC07-02, I think I did well working together with a group. Personally, I was in the Food Group and whenever I was going to start a new project, I posted it on Nicenet and sometimes Moodle. I did the same when I asked my other group mates to, for example, make a banner.

I have learned many things; especially because I don’t have a Mac. I’ve learned how to use all of the Mac applications (like Garage Band), things like Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Hot Potato, etc, what it is like to works with the kids from Israel and Japan, and basic and advanced computer skills.

I have learned from working with other students the importance of equally divided work. At some point, I want to do all of it, or visa versa. But I learned that to get a sufficient amount of work done, you need to work together.

When it comes to work habits, I have learned that the moment you find a problem, fix it so you don’t forget. I can’t really think of anything because I don’t have issues with work habits or responsibilities, I’m almost always good with that. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Nina S. Grade: 7th

I think that as a part of GVC07-02 we worked quite well collaboratively. We balanced out all the work so that nobody had to do too little and nobody had to do too much. With all the work being pretty much even, we were able to have the site functioning very well. As a part of this class I think that I have learned a lot. I learned how to use all the programs and information about the programs, especially Dreamweaver. I also learned about working with other people, and of course of the dreaded deadlines. I learned how to complete my work on time, and what happens when someone does not complete the work that is needed. Overall, this was a great learning experience.

As a part of this class have learned that it is hard to work with other people because we all work at different paces. But I also learned that it is good to work with others because the work goes faster. Working together can affect a web page both positively and negatively. During the time period of this class I have learned that I am good at getting my work in on time, which is quite important to the overall GVC site. I have also learned that without the ability to turn in work and be responsible, the site would not be as complete and innovative as it is now.

If I were given the opportunity to do this project again I would definitely take that opportunity because I have learned so much about myself, others, technology and people in general during this class. If I could change anything, I would make sure that I knew more about site building before we actually started the site. I did not have as much knowledge this time around, and so it was harder to complete the work I needed to do. It was fun, but grueling. If I could do this again, that grueling part of my experience would be diminished and therefore make my experience more enjoyable and effective.

Yulia, Grade 7

I think we did fairly well, even though some people yelled at each other to hurry up or answer a question we have already answered. Despite that, we are still able to complete what we need to, making progress on our website. Speaking of which, I need to finish my Mouse Avoider.

I have learned many things, mainly things that consist of computer programs. Yet there is still so much to learn…

I have learned more about my fellow students: their lives away from school, their personalities, (for better or for worse…) and how we work.

I have improved my homework skills in this and other classes. I’m typing this on Thursday, the day it was released!!!

I love working with computers! I would like to take this class next year. I would change the type of game I do. I want to do more advanced things!

Robert V. Grade: 7th

I definitely learned everything that I know now because I didn’t know didly squat when I started. Now I know how to use Flash, Photoshop, Garage band, Fireworks, Goggle sketch up and more. From doing the project with other people, you really need to know what everyone is doing, and you need to keep up with everyone. Also, on Nicenet, you can work with a lot of different people from different places. What I have learned about my work habits is that I sometimes don’t get what we are supposed to do so it would usually work slower and some of the time not get work in on time. But now, I feel I’ve learned more and I can get practice when I do some stuff for the website. I like to be apart of the whole making websites thing. I think it is a lot of fun when a group of kids have a chance to create a website. I really enjoy making the banners, so it would be great to make more for another website. I don’t know what I would change. I don’t think I would change anything really. I think the site and the stuff we have on the site is great. I think I like it a lot because of the different people involved with the whole thing.

Parker G.

All of the people who helped in making our site in GVC07 -02 worked very well together in making the site and I think that we collaborate well as a group. I’ve learned that I actually do know how to work a computer and that I’m not the only one on Earth who needed help with them. I also learned about things that I’ve never even heard of such as; Java Hot Potatoes, Rollover Buttons, and

Haley M. Grade 7

This class, above everything else, helped me hone my Flash skills above all else. When I came in, I was a meager frame-by-frame beginner, and this class really helped me get the practice I needed to improve my skills.

I would not like to do this again. I loved the beginning, but I found creating the site tedious. It was very boring just doing one project for three months, and it took all the fun out of Flash. Overall, I found the class okay, but I would much rather do another elective.

Keenan B. Grade: 7

I think our group worked will together, and we all collaborated by allowing each other to put your own ideas into the website, which gives it more detail and more thought. I have learned that the Internet has other purposes then to just chat and talk to friends. I also learned how to work fireworks, dream weaver, flash, and many others complicated applications. I have learned that you cant always do what you want, or get what you want and you have to take what others would like into consideration too.

I have also learned that it is hard to work as a team, but you can accomplish things a lot easier that way, even if everything isn’t as you would like it to be. I have learned that I am not very good at completing tasks that I have not learned how to do yet, so I need to pay attention more to the new instructions, and work harder.

I would not like another project like this, because I would like an easier project.

Emma F. Grade 7

I thought we did pretty good as a group but some people would disagree. I have learned how to make backgrounds and flashes that I could use for other classes. I have learned that I sometimes forget to do my blog and finish things. I think I would like to do this kind of project again because its fun to make things for it and then see it online. I would change some of the home work.

Nick K. Grade 7

I learned how to use flash really well and I also did cool things on Photoshop and Fireworks. I also still learned to use Dreamweaver and that was fun too. I learned that you don’t have to do everything on your own and that makes it easier to complete. It also feels like the weight is lifted. I learned that if you don’t do what you are assigned then it wont get done because it is what you are assigned to do.

Yes I would like to do it again because I want to learn more about flash and all the other programs. I would also like to work with different groups of people around the world.

Reuben, Grade 7

I think that as a group, the 7th graders worked very hard. I saw us helping each other, and working to make everything work out. I learned a lot more about various software programs, but mostly about web design. For me, working with other students has always been difficult. But, I found that it is easier to work when I’m in my computer element. I learned that if you want something to happen, you really have to work at it. Otherwise, you just sit there wishing, and that gets you nowhere. I would definitely do this again. It was a great learning experience, and I haven’t learned close to what is possible. I would like to continue this class because it has been a great experience for me. Really, I would change nothing. This class is structured very well, through much feedback. For me, this is as close to “perfect” as any class will be.
Jeremy B.P. Grade 7

Flash, fireworks, dreamweaver, photobooth; I learned how to use all those programs. Also garageband for some things. I've learned how to communicate and discuss things in detail. I learned not to procrastinate on many things. I know to get things done and put hard work into every assignment, big or small. I would but I would change it a little, because I do not like repeating things over again. I would want to work with a friend as long as I stay focused.
Henry P., Grade 7

I have learned a ton from this class. I couldn’t any of the things I can do now before this class. I have a different type of this computer so everything on these computers is new to me. It is all fun. Flash, photoshop elements, JulianGV, fireworks, and dreamweaver are some of the things I can now use because of this class.

I have learned that it can be fun and hard to work with other students. Sometimes I like to talk, but sometimes I can’t. Also, I really depended on them to pull through and so I learned if you’re in a group, one person can’t do everything. I have learned that I have to do what I’m responsible for. I’ve always been a hard-working student so this was pretty easy for me to do all of my work. I would do this project again. I learned how to use so many new things on the computer from this project. If I do it again, I will learn even more and I will try a new topic which will bring out all sorts of new things. I wouldn’t change anything.
Jacob H., Grade 7

I think we did think we did very well as a group. We all got our ideas across and worked together to putting them all together. No one did too much or two little, everyone had an equal responsibility, and everyone used their special talents to make the site all that much better. I have learned a lot, I have never worked with any of the programs we used while making this web site. I would have never have had the opportunity to work with these programs and people if I did not take virtual classroom. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. I have learned a lot about working with other students, for example, I worked with two of my best friend on the Labor Day page, I learned a lot about how they work and what they like. Plus, by working with people, whether is across the room or across the world, I have learned to get my feelings across better.

Throughout the duration of this year I have worked in a group with two other people in it. Our group was very interdependent, meaning that we all relied on each other all the time. I have learned that the word responsibility is used even with your friends not just when you’re babysitting or walking your dog. I was responsible for creating buttons, research, creating a couple pages, and navigating the site. This might have been the first time that I was not only responsible for the outcome in my own work, but the outcome of many others also. In the end I learned that I can do and get done anything I want if I put my mind to it.

I would do it again if I could because it was such a learning experience. It was so interesting learning about other people’s customs and I would love to learn other people’s way of life. Plus, I love working on the computer, and by getting the chance of doing everyday I have learned so much about our modern technology. This maybe a once and a life time experience, so I am lucky to do it once and I will be even luckier if I get in this class again. One thing that I would change is that I would become more organized earlier in the year. I had so many random documents on my desktop that just got in the way. I couldn’t even find some important things for the site and had to search for them. Only recently I made folders to keep my organized, which I should have had since the beginning.
Sarah F., grade 7

I think that we did pretty well, compared that we are spread over a 3 classrooms and 2 periods. The global warming group meshed wonderfully, as well as the tales group, which was able to create several cooperative stories and the food group, which had foods from all over the world together on one page that combined it all. I did learn a LOT about Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver. I get things done on time, but sometimes I am unaware of my surroundings, and do not realize that there has been a change of plans, or there is something else that must be done. I enjoyed applying my artistic and technological skills to a subject. I would give us a bit more time. Everything else was pretty good.
Ben L.

Every year I do this, I am 'blown away' by the creativity, knowledge, and persistance of the students... not just my own, but those in the other classrooms as well. In the beginning it is always, "what do YOU want me to do?"; however, that soon changes to "I know what we should do!" Yes, they need to find out 'how' to do some of the things they are thinking about doing, but, amazingly, they learn that too. My students ask partners to do things, and the partners do it... and in turn ask for us to do other things. What great preparation for the work world they will enter in the next decade. They've really gotten the skill of communicating and producing work with partners that they do not see in real life. In their reflections, students talk about learning good individual work habits and responsiblilty to the group! Wow, how great; isn't that what school is all about?
Janet Barnstable, VirtualClassroomGuide

Since the students at Ohsawa have not yet started the formal study of English, their teacher asked them these questions in Japanese and then translated for us the group replies. (Thank you!)

1. How well do you think you did as a collaborative group?

Did well … about two thirds of children

2. What do you think you have learned?

Can find the differences among Japan and other countries. (The many of children having pets, the differences of daily foods, all of children helping their families, girls also belonging to the soccer club)

Can work somehow when not understanding English, and can feel the thinking or feeling of other countries’ children from the atmosphere on the Web-site.

3. What have you learned about working with other students?

The importance of cooperation; working together cooperatively makes better job.

Friends teach or work together hard.

Can be closer with friends than before.

4. Would you like to do this kind of project again if you had the opportunity? Why or why not?

Yes … about two third of children. Yes … wanting to learn cultures, languages of other countries, wanting to make friends in foreign countries, being fun to use PCs and making Web-site

No … about one third of children. No … bothering, difficult to understand English.

5. What would you change or not change?

Learn more how to use PCs and typing.

Learn more and understood English a little.

Beginning to consider about foreign countries.

Beginning to care about other people's feelings.