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Credits and Acknowledgements:

Kudos to all the students of

Ein Ganim School Israeli flag
Osawa School Japan Flag
Percy Julian Middle School USA flag

for their dedication and hard work to create this site.

Specific credits for individual pages found at the bottom of each page.
Here are the other credits.

Site Layout & Navigation
Yulia S., Leah S., Sarah F. USA flag

Opening Flash
Keenan B.,

Signpost Entry
Benjamin L. USA flag

Observation Deck & Commons
Jeremy B.P. USA flag

World Wide Restaurant & Menu
Tom, Michal, & Amit Israeli flag

Food in Space Introduction
Osawa Japan Flag

Fitness Introduction
Talya, Israel Israeli flag

Music Intrduction
Nick R., Chris P., Nick K., & Nina S. USA flag

Music/Sound Effects
Chris P, Charlie, Timothy J., Nick R., Nick K. USA flag
Andrew Barnes Jamieson, PJMS Class of 2000
Waterflame. "-Dark Dreams-." Newgrounds. 4 Oct. 2007. 14 Mar. 2008 <>.
Harel, Adam, Gaya, Matan Israeli flag
"Hatsune Miku" Japan Flag

Harel, Eitan, Matan, Adam, Gaya Israeli flag
Casey C., Charlie K. USA flag

Overall Proof Reading & Editing
Everyone at Julian USA flag
Everyone at Ein Ganim Israeli flag
Miku Fukushima - translation help Japan Flag

Executive Producers
Ms. Janet Barnstable USA flag
Ms. Marsha Goren Israeli flag
Sensei Yasue Fukushima Japan Flag

Software & Sites Used
Macromedia (now Adobe) Studio 8 [Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver]
Adobe Photoshop Elements [Windows V2; Mac V4] ||| Pixie1 ||| Frames
GarageBand ||| iMovie ||| Inspiration ||| Audacity |||Google Earth
YouTube Community ||| MS Word ||| Claris Home Page ||| ||| Hot Potatoes [video conversion] ||| Pics4Learning

Special thanks to
Nicenet for providing collaborative space
Tech4Learning for software support to Ein Ganim School

And most importantly, Give Something Back International,
for sponsoring this outstanding program.

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