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Greetings and welcome to our GVC website, Teens Today". This website was created and designed by teenagers from three different schools:  Lyceumm NSTU (Russia), Walton Middle School (USA), and,  the team leader, American Institute of Monterrey (Mexico)In this project we discuss many topics dealing with teenagers, their interests and their relation with society. 

Teens Today provides a great deal of useful information that teenagers and adults won’t regret reading.  Our team had a wonderful time working on this spectacular project, as every one of us learned more about teenage life in different countries and cultures.We want to thank Global Virtual Classroom for giving this great opportunity.

Poem by Anastasia Klushnikova (R)
Animation by Luis Aguila and Rafael Hinojosa (M)

Monterrey, Mexico

Team Leader Teacher: Eva Quezada

Student Leaders:

Rodrigo Chapa, Luis Aguila, Rafael Hinojosa, Jorge Villarreal, Andres Adame

Russia. Novosibirsk


Milana Zubritskaya

Student Leader:

Arina Kazantseva

Charlottescille,VA, USA


Natalie Capps

Student Leaders:

Jessica James and Jordan Fox



American Institute of Monterrey

Lyceum NSTU

Walton Middle School
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