Water Quality

Is Your Water Clean ?

Click on the many areas of our image map to direct you to our research on water quality in our lands. The corner glass will take you back to the index.

Aidan's page of Water Questions and Facts As a society we are pretty dumb when it comes to water and water is all around us. We learned so much about water from doing this project. Test your knowledge with these questions, and answers for those who need help.

Sarah's page of Norfolk'sWater Bills. The cost of water is ever rising. More and more demands are being made on our water system. Our town is growing faster than what our water system can handle. How are we to handle this growth? Taxes and user fees have to rise. Conservation has to be on everyone's mind and practiced in every household and factory.

Guest speakers are always nice to have into your classroom. We had the lady in charge of the water works. We learned a lot about how we get clean water to drink. Check out our report. created by Courtney and friends.

Check out Georgie's and Paige's presentation on the water quality in Florida.


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