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Do you know how important water occupies in our life?

1. Available fresh water resources of the earth, 0.75% that only account for the whole of earth water and enclose.

2.Taiwanese discharges 400 liters of sewages equally.

3.It was the flush toilet that water for family had the biggest amount of water consumed, account for 35%.

4.The toilet is flushed once, use 12 liters of water.

5.Having the correct use of the faucet, a family can save at least 80,000 liters of water in one year.

6.Substitute the water hose with sponge and cask while washing the car can save half the water consumption.

7.The energy consumed for a bath in a tub is 3 times greater than having a 3 minute shower.

8.Change the outfit the water stool of two sections type province, four people of one family, cansave 100 liters every month