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Our art assignment was to create an original piece of art based on water, then snail mail it to Florida for editing.

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Can you pick out the pieces of art sent to us from Taiwan? If you can't click here and here.

Our assignment here was to use a picture from a magazine as a guide and create a GVC title page based on water, and to link hot spots to individual research pages based on what we were doing in our section. By the end, we had a graphic ready for the internet! These pictures are a sample of our work.

Graphic1 is created by: Zoe (GVC activity group leader)

Graphic 2 is created by Haley. Another GVC group leader.
Haley used pictures of our partners from Tiawan, Florida and some of the pictures we took here..

Photo Shop Elements The assignment

The picture on the top was done by Ryan. He took 3 pictures and put them all together and made his graphic, equalizing the image sizes and adding words.

The graphic on the bottom was made by Kendra. She took a whole bunch of pictures and outlined them with vibrant colours to make them stand out.

We even included some of the pictures sent from Florida on their field trip to their beach, now with it's Red Tide.


Corel Draw 12 graphic work

Dan and Steve were given similar graphics and they came up with these variations. You can see where they both have explored water. Dan imported a picture of his father's ship. The rainbow even has the right 7 colours of the rainbow in order.- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Actually, a real rainbow is a whole continuum of colors from red to violet and even beyond the colours that the human eye can see, but that is for another time.

Using images from your hometown.

Both Venice and Port Dover took field trips of the beach area in our towns and took pictures of it to include in our project.

Melissa and McRae each took 3 photos from our town and as you can see came out with 2 different variations for the whole thing.

Borders and backgrounds were added to give their graphic designs some more eye appeal.

Everyone in the class made at least one of these graphics and you can see more of them on their web pages.

It was a challenging computer assignment, but one that we now like and can fit into other assignments for other subjects, like science and social studies and even creative writing.

I thought it was neat that we could make the same type of
graphics as the people who are paid to do this stuff. Even after comparing our graphic designs to the advertisements in magazines were think our's are comparable. Hey there may be a job future in graphic design for some of us.
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