A Global Virtual Classroom Project

by - Epiphany Cathedral School in Venice, Florida, USA, - Da-Qiao Elementary in Taipei, Taiwan and Doverwood Public in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada

Threats to Our Waters

There have been at least 185 invasive species discovered in the Canadian Great Lakes. Some of the non-native species in the Great Lakes include; Goby, red mysid, zebra mussels, lamprey eel,




Pollution of our waters is an international issue. It is destroying our lakes, rivers and oceans.There are many different types of water pollution coming from factories, farms, houses, streets, and of course, our schools. Who is to blame? We are, the human race and we have to stop it.


Water Quality

Unsafe Water account for: 3.3 Billion Illnesses and 5.3 Million Deaths Yearly. It is estimated that one half of the people in developing countries are suffering from diseases caused as a result of contaminated water The United Nations warns us that unless action, which starts with us, is increased, the number of people without access to safe water will increase to 2.3 billion by 2025.


Water Usage

Water is a natural resource that gives us opportunities for recreation, drinking, and irrigation. The presence of water also influences our countries in economic areas such as shipping, fishing and manufacturing.




Water Activities

Major bodies of water offer residents and visitors activities such as fishing, shelling, swimming and boating. This natural resource is an inspiration for creativity and artistic pursuits like writing, fashion, food and song.



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