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Credits and Acknowledgements:

Kudos to all the students of

Lower Canada College
Percy Julian Middle School
Santan Junior High School

for their dedication and hard work to create this site.

Specific credits for individual pages found at the bottom of each page.
Here are the other credits.

Photos that appear here are random shots
of various students from all three schools,
and are not matched with the names on the page.

LCC StudentsPJMS StudentsSJHS Students

Opening & World Map Flash
Maggie K. Illinois
Ben Arizona

Site Navigation
Maggie K. Illinois
Ben, Chris D., Matt R., Leif A., John T., Josh P., Arpan P., Mark F. Arizona

Music/Sound Effects
Jacob, Matt, Eddie, Nate, C., Daniel, Ryan,
Eric, Alley, Sarah, Gabby, Sophie, Sam, Brendan,
Caroline, Allison, Nathan R., Ryan, Ezra, Collin Illinois
Leif Arizona

iMovie Editing
Darien M.B. Illinois

LCC StudentsPJMS StudentsSJHS Students

Video Appearances and Videotape Operators
All LCC students Montreal
All Julian MS students Illinois
All Santan JHS Students Arizona

Script Writing
Greg S., Ryan H. Montreal
Caroline B. Illinois

Nathan P., Mimi C., Kiho k. Arizona

LCC StudentsPJMS StudentsSJHS Students

Skype Conferences
Max C., Stephanie L., Daniel K., Alex B., Thalia N., Sacha M., Sean A.,
Lok Yee W., Cody L, Matthew F., Jonathan C., Jonathan B., Kianna K., Daniel T.,
Griffin T., Jacob A., Ryan H., Greg S. Montreal

Nathan R., Trevor I., Sarah P., Darien M.B. Illinois
Ben N., John T., Mark F, Chris D., Mimi C., Mounica R.,
Kindra D.,Arpan P, Josh P.
, and Mr. Narducci (Principal) Arizona

Overall Proof Reading and Editing
All LCC Students Montreal
Ezra I., Caroline B., Allison G.,
Collin M., Annebelle G.M., Bridget R. Illinois
All Santan JHS Students Arizona

LCC StudentsPJMS StudentsSJHS Students

Executive Producers
Ms. Sharon Peters Montreal
Ms. Janet Barnstable Illinois
Mr. Shaun Creighton Arizona

Software Used
Adobe Studio 8 [Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver]
Swishmax [Flash, interactive movies], used for globe
Adobe Photoshop Elements [Mac V2; Windows V4]
GarageBand ||| iMovie ||| Inspiration ||| Audacity
Skype ||| Google Earth

Special thanks to
The Wikispaces team for their help.
Nicenet for providing collaborative space.

And most importantly, Give Something Back International,
for sponsoring this outstanding program.

LCC StudentsPJMS StudentsSJHS Students

Copyright 2007
Global Virtual Classroom 06

Lower Canadian College, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Percy Julian Middle School, Oak Park, Illinois, USA
Santan Junior High School, Chandler, Arizona, USA
"We demonstrated how humanity can work together in harmony to overcome any obstacle no matter the difficulty to achieve true perfection through creativity and devotion of the human soul regardless of background or race."
-Leif A.

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