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  Fairy Portraits

Snow White
The Seven Dwarves

Once upon a time in a land far away lived a beautiful Queen who wished that she could have a beautiful daughter. As soon as the perfect daughter was born, the beautiful queen died. The King was very sad and wanted a new wife that he thought could raise Snow White. The King found a very beautiful woman to marry and to be the queen. As Snow White grew older, she just got more and more beautiful. The queen grew envy of the princess and wanted to do all that she could to kill her. One day as Snow White was walking in the woods there came a hunter that was sent out by the queen to kill her. The hunter did not have the heart to kill her so he killed a near by animal and brought the liver and lungs to the queen and said that they were Snow White´s. The Queen grilled them and enjoyed thinking that they were Snow White´s. After the Queen was done eating she went up to her mirror and asked if she was the most beautiful in the land. The mirror replied that she was the prettiest where they were, but Snow White was still the prettiest. That is when she got very angry and realized that the hunter did not kill Snow White. The Queen dressed up as a cadger and went to the house of the seven dwarves. The Queen was offering to sell laces and wanted to put them on her and said that she would look best if it was done proper. Snow White let the disguised queen in and the queen put on the laces so tight that she passed out. The Queen thought that she was dead and went back home. The mirror said that Snow White was still the prettiest in the land. The Queen got even madder and dressed as an old lady and set off for the house of the seven dwarves. The dwarves had warned Snow White not to let anyone in, but when she saw the old lady selling the combs she fell in love with them and decided to let the lady in and allow her to comb her hair. Te Queen had put some poison on the comb so the second that she started combing Snow White dropped to the floor. The Queen went back to the mirror and was furious about the answer she received. She then went to her secret lab and created a poison apple to kill automatically kill her. This time it worked. The Queen was as happy as the blue sky on the first day of spring. Little did she know that a prince came and looked at Snow White´s body that was in the woods. He wanted to keep it. He leaned down to kiss it and he got the piece of apple that was wedged in her mouth. Snow White woke up and saw the prince. Then they got married and lived happily ever after.

Brittnee Potter,
Molly Henderson

Three Little Pigs

Hello! I´m Vusal, I´m 10. I want to tell you about the Three Little Pigs. I like this fairy tale. The Wolf wanted to eat three little pig brothers whose names were Nif-Nif, Naf-Naf and Nuf-Nuf. One pig made a house of straw and the Wolf blew and destroyed it, the pig ran to his brother´s house which was made of sticks and leaves. The Wolf ran and blew again and destroyed it. So the brothers ran to their third brother who made his house of stones and they were save there. The Wolf tried to destroy it but he couldn´t, so he wanted to get in through the chimney, but the eldest brother was very clever and put the bucket with boiling water under the enterence. So the Wolf ran away and never came back again.

Abiev Vusal

Hey this is Taylor! Our fairytales are a lot a like except our endings. In our version of the our fairytale the first and second little pig get eaten when the wolf blows down their house. At the end the little pig puts the bucket on the fire and when the wolf comes down the chimney he falls into the boiling water. Then the little pig eats him. Also they do not have names in our story or at least they don´t tell us what their names are. Well please write me back.

Taylor Lucas

Peter and the Wolf

The story is about Peter trying to capture a wolf who is trying to eat the cat and bird.
The wolf came out of the dark forest, and ate the duck. Then Peter took a rope.
Made a loop, and put it around the wolf´s tail. The story took place in a Great Green Meadow. The problem was that the wolf came into the great green meadow and ate the duck and tried to eat the cat and the bird. Peter solved the problem by taking a rope and making a loop, and put it around the wolf´s tail, and put it around the tree. Peter decided to either let the bird and cat die, or catch the wolf.

Brooks Robey

Hansel and Gretel

Hello! I´m Lena. I have a book "Hansel and Gretel". My Mother read this story to me when I was 5 years old. My brothers and sister like to read this book too. They enjoy reading this book. The book was given to my Mother as a present when she was 6. She read it several times and liked it very much. I'm going to read it again and in the future read it to my children.


Once upon a time there were three people a mother, a father, and a son named Hansel. One day the mom nagged the father until he went to chop wood. He found a little girl named Gretel, and brought her home, but the mom did not like it and forced the father to abandon the children in the woods. A witch tried to eat them and Gretel pushed the witch into a stove. They found jewels the witch had stolen from other people she had eaten. They filled their pockets and went home to their father. When they got there they found out that their mom had died of a heart attack and showed the jewels to their father. He was very pleased and they lived happily ever after.

MacKenzie Brown


Goldilocks took a shortcut and went on a trail that led her to the house of three bears, which had just left the house to go on a bike ride and left their porridge cooling. Goldilocks saw the porridge and helps herself. Then she goes to the living room and sits in all three chairs until she finds one just right .she sat in the smallest chair until it broke. Then she moved on up to the beds upstairs. She laid in all three beds until she found one just right. She fell fast asleep and slept until the three bears came home. They knew someone had been in their home and searched until they found her. They woke her up and she gets scared and jumps up and hops out the window and they never see her again.

Angeline Phillips


There once was a girl named Cinderella whose mother died and her father remarried to an evil stepmother who had two evil daughters that made Cinderella their maid.
Then the evil stepsisters and the stepmother went to a ball and left Cinderella at the house then her godmother came and saw her crying and she turned a pumpkin into a coach and her clothes made of rags into a beautiful dress so that Cinderella could go to the ball. The prince and Cinderella fell in love at the ball and it was almost midnight and she had to go. She left her slipper at the ball and the prince took the slipper and made every woman try the slipper on and he finally found Cinderella last time someone tried to try it on.

Raejan Duncan

Gingerbread Man

Once upon a time an old woman and an old man decided to make some gingerbread. First they mixed up the dough, then put it out on the table, then cut out the shape of a gingerbread man. Then Put it in the over to bake. He got cooked in the oven for a long time then they took him out and he ran off down the road as fast as he could all the way down the lane! As he was running down the road he ran into all sorts of animals, but he always said ´I´ll run, I´ll run as fast as I can´t, you can´t ketch me, I am the gingerbread man, I ran from the lady, ran from the man, I will run from you, see if I can!" then he ran into a fox that offered to bring him across the river, he brought him half way across then through him up in the air and ate him. But don´t worry their will be many more gingerbread man to come!

Kaylee Stephens

Jack and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack and there was a wagon with a man and the man said " I will give you some beans and gum." He went home and his mom threw the beans out the window. He woke up and threw on clothes and he climbed up the bean stalk. There was a sign that said Castle. So he went to the castle and knocked on the door. A giant with a giant spoon came out. So Jack said, "Can I have some food?" So he said, "Yes." So he went to the table and sat down and there was a giant cowboy and the cow boy wanted to eat Jack, but Jack hid and he came out and hick upped. The giant heard so Jack got the alsso and jumped on the buffalo.

Braden Robey


A man said that his daughter Ruby could spin straw into gold. The king heard this and put her in a room to spin gold or he would throw her into a crocodile pit. She couldn´t do this by herself but a little man appeared. They made a deal where she would give her first born child to him if he spun the straw. Then Ruby and the king got married and had a child. The little man said if you guess my name I´ll let you keep your child. So she guessed his name and lived happily ever after.

Cory Lusk

Chicken Little

Chicken Little was reading a book when an acorn popped him the head. Then he jumped in the air and got up yelling "the sky is falling." So he started running as fast as he could thinking to him self "I must go tell the king the sky is falling." Then he met up with Henny Penny They talked a little then Henny Penny joined Chicken Little So they started again when they met up with some more friends they cane along to Then Foxy Loxy offers them a short cut. Then they followed him into his cave and never were seen again, and the king never knew the sky was falling.

Andrew Stevenson

Sleeping Beauty

Once upon a time in a far far away kingdom upon courtyards and colonnades, ballrooms, and balconies lived a kind king and a Queen. The king and queen were often lonely because they had no children. One day as the queen was walking in the garden she passed by a small stream in the stream swam a small odd looking fish, suddenly the fish poked its head above the water and said "please don´t be so sad if you wish for a child your wish will soon be granted, then the fish vanished. After that day the queen a had a beautiful baby. The next day the king and queen wanted to celebrate so she invited all the fairies each one had brought a special present for the princess.

Sarah Robertson