Global Virtual Classroom

To All the People of the Planet

"I think that all the children want their mothers and fathers were with them, were healthy, and lived long lives. They also want to have many friends, to laught, the dance. Children want to have a brother or a sister. Please, dear Presidents, and Politicians, and all the other ADULT MEN and LADIES, believe, that children dream of good things, they cannot dream of becoming killers or destroyers, do not quarrel, just do the things so that nobody could cry out of grief on our Planet Earth".

Lena Ilicheva

"Only in peace and common understanding any creature can live in this world"

Kolya Maiorov

"Let´s live in peace and friendship, without any armament or our Planet can disappear in one minute because of our carelessness"

Gleb Salnikov

"I want to tell all the children and adults, that they are to be afraid of nothing. All the difficulties can be and must be overcome. And it is easier to do this when we are together!"

Vika Usufova

"People! Protect your HOMES, your MOTHERLANDS, COUNTRIES, PLANET, and your FAMILIES"

Dasha Petropavlovskaya

"Behave kinder towards each other. The man is worth his deeds and soul, not his face and clothes! Do more good things!"


"We want to have friends and to laught, to travel a lot, and also all the people to be happy!"

Nikita Ivanov