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  My Fairy Country

Two Brothers

Once upon a time there lived two brothers: elder and younger. They both were very handsome, young and strong.
One day they heard that pirates had abducted a princess. They promised that the man who would bring her safe and sound would marry her. Many brave men tried to free her but couldn´t because they were fighting alone and it was impossible to win alone. However, two brothers of one blood who always were together could wring the mountains. As they said so they did. They won a victory over two envy pirates but suddenly from nowhere a sea monster with three heads and very long tail and huge wings appeared. A strong eagle appeared to help brothers. The younger brother sat on it and struggled with his shield and spear and the eagle with its very sharp beak scratched out monster´s eyes and helped the brothers to win.
The elder brother got marry the beautiful princess and they lived happily for a long time. They were brothers!

Arman Abramyan

"Magical soup" or Healing of a Bad Student

There lived a bad student who had only bad marks in the school. He had very bad marks in Maths, Geography, Geometry, Physics, etc. He was very upset and went into the forest to hide. There in the forest he saw a mushroom. It was very strong and fine. The boy liked it very much and as he stretched his arm to get the mushroom he heard the voice: "Eat me, I´m very tasty. I can make your any of your dreams true." The bad student got a mushroom, went home there he cooked some soup, and ate it. Next morning in the school the bad student got only good and excellent marks.

Bazunov Grisha

"A gift"

Once upon a time there lived a family: a father, a mother and their daughter. In the 9th of February there was a fun day it was Mary´s birthday. The guests came and gave her gifts. Her mother gave her a beautiful doll, her father gave her flowers and her friend gave her only a card. After the party when all the guests left the house Mary´s friend asked her: "Do you like my gift? It´s the best gift, isn´t it?" However, Mary kept silent and thought. Then she said: "Yes, you are right. Your gift is the best." Dwarfs who came to every child´s birthday heard these words. They were very happy to hear that Mary was so kind girl. Suddenly very simple card became a wonderful book of Fairy Tales!

Julia Kozlova

Little Mermaid

Once upon a time a little mermaid lived in a sea. One day she came to the surface of the sea and saw on the shore a silver bell, which stood in the shadow of the tree. She liked it very much but she didn´t want to pluck it. Suddenly several little girls came to the bell and one of them picked it up saying: "Look! What a beautiful silver bell!" The other girls began to pull it in all sides and teared it to pieces. The bell-petals fell on the ground and the stalk was broken.
Little Mermaid came under the water very very sad and she would be very upset for ever. Why? Our little mermaid came back to the surface of the sea; she collected all the petals of the bell and brought them to the kind witch. The witch revived the flower. Since that time out mermaid has never parted the flower. It became her kind talisman.

Dasha Petropavlovskaya

Sly Cat

Once upon o time there lived a cat. His name was Wise Head. One time he came to his friend Bear. The bear was very hungry. He sat under the tree and listened as his stomach rumbling. He said to the cat about it. The cat was very clever (he´d read a lot of books) and he said to the Bear about the magical table-cloth. They wanted to get that magical table-cloth and went to find it. They went and went and at last found it in the neighbor forest at witch´ house. They offered to exchange the magical table-cloth on four bags of wolfberries. And they lived for a long time very full and happy. So who reads much, knows much!

George Klimin

A small Box

There lived an old man and an old woman. They were very poor. One day they got a box and a letter. They read in the letter: "Put one potato in the box. After one night there will be one hundred potatoes." The old people put there a banana and in the morning, they found a hundred bananas! Then they put a carrot and a pear and took out hundred of them. Very soon, they could open their own small shop "Fruit and Vegetables". However, they always gave their fruit and vegetables to children and to the hospital without any payment.

Anton Udoev

Magic Pot

One day we bought a new pot. We washed it and put it on the cooker. We wanted to cook macaroni and cutlets in the evening. All the family left the house in business. In the evening when everybody came home, we smelled very tasty smell in the kitchen. That pot was magical. We could only read about it in the fairy tales but now we could see it in our kitchen! We were very happy! Since that the pot has made all our wishes!

Lena Ilicheva

Lazy Woodcutter

Once upon a time there lived a woodcutter. He was so lazy that did nothing. He lived in the forest and his house was so ramshackle that if a strong wind blew the house was unsteady. One day the woodcutter went to the forest just for a walk. The wind was very strong and his house fell down. When the woodcutter came back and saw that, his house had fallen down. He was very upset but he was too lazy to build a new house. So he lived without any house.

Roma Davidov


There lived three dogs. Their names were Malish, Sharik and Tsigan. Malish and Sharik were good friends. However, Tsigan didn´t like Sharik and always was very angry with him. When they met, they always fought. Tsigan was much stronger then Sharik and he bit and hurt Sharik. One day Malish and Sharik played in the forest. They jumped, somersaulted and played in the sun. Tsigan was watching them and hiding behind a big oak. When Malish and Sharik went home, he attacked them. Malish and Sharik were able to stand they helped each other. Tsigan felt their strong friendship. He wanted to have friends too. He asked Malish and Sharik to be his friends, saying that he was very sorry for hurting Sharik. Soon they became good friends and lived in peace and accord.

Maxim Panfilov

Magical Cars

Our boys bring toy cars in the school. We play during our breaks. 18 boys and 18 cars.
One day we noticed a strange thing. We left our cars in the playroom, went to the lesson but we came back our cars stood in different way and in different places. My friends George, Sasha and me put secret camera in our playroom.
Very soon, we learnt that during our lessons the cars revived! They had races, talked about petrol and oil for cars, about repairing parts and other things. It turned out that our cars were alive!
It was a real discovery to us!

Vadik Ulichnov

A Lazy Girl and Frog Prince

Once upon a time there lived a needle girl and a lazy girl. The needle girl did dishes and lazy girl walked in the garden and sang songs. Suddenly she saw a frog. A lazy girl took him and the frog turned into a prince. A month later, they got married. Nevertheless, later the wonderful prince became a frog again. The lazy girl infected him by her laziness. She cried and didn´t walk in the garden. She began helping her sister to do dishes and thought about her prince.

Anton Udoev and Zhenya Brindin

Capricious Olya

One day a girl Olya went to her friend´s birthday. She gave her friend a pink bear. Her friend Anna did not like the bear and she threw it out of the window. The bear lay on the grass for a long time but suddenly he revived and asked a girl: "Why have you throw me out? We, all small toys, are leaving you! "So all beautiful toys left the house of that girl.
One year passed and Anna had a birthday again however, that day she didn´t have any presents. Since that day she was never given gifts. The girl was very upset and she cried very often. One day she came to a toy shop and heard the same story and understood that the story was about her. She stood and said very loudly: "I´m so sorry, my toys! I try to be better!" After that all her toys were back in her house.

Olya Kovrizhnikh

Paper Crane

One day a boy Sasha made a white paper crane. The boy liked it very much. He took the crane everywhere. When he came to the forest one day, he lost his way in the forest. It was getting dark and raining. Sasha was very frightened and did not know what to do. Suddenly his paper crane got out of his pocket, where he always lay, flew up and then down to Sasha and started to show the way. The white crane was seen well in the darkness. They walked very slowly step by step. Very soon, they were at home. So small paper crane saved his friend!

Nikita Ivanov

Lucky bird

Many many years ago there lived a girl Tonya. She lived with her grandmother and her grandfather.
One day Tonya went to the forest and lost her way there. Her grandfather went to look for her. It was raining and the girl began crying. Suddenly she felt that somebody touched her hand. It was a bird! The rain stopped and the sun shone brightly in the sky again. The bird was Lucky Bird. She helped the girl get out of the forest.

Meruzhan Tomeyan

Friends from Paper Land

In the Paper Land there lived a small crane with curved wing. He had not any friends. One day he saw the same cranes like him and they could fly. They said to him: "Believe in yourself! Flap your wings!" Since that time, the crane had many friends.
Believe in yourself and try to do! You can do everything!

Sasha Pozlevich

Stubborn Donkey

Once upon a time, there lived a donkey. He was very timid and stubborn. One day he went for a walk and found a magic box. He took it and went home. At home he began making wishes however the donkey was very stubborn he got only No-No-No answers. He was very angry and teared the box to pieces and got a big NO Answer!

Zhenya Brindin

Princess and Blue Bells

There lived a princess Susanna. One beautiful morning she went out and saw wonderful flowers. She saw blue bells among the flowers. Princess liked them very much. She picked up one blue bell and suddenly she turned out a blue bell too. Her Prince didn´t know about it and he looked for her. He was looking for her for 5 years. After that, he learned that bad magician bewitched his Princess. The prince fought the magician and won the battle. At that moment the Princess became a beautiful girl again.

Cristina Shiriunyan