Hippie History

History dates in hippy history
1966 Mar 25: Anti-Vietnam war protests in NY bring out 25,000 protesters in 5th Ave. Other protests in 7 US cities and 7 foreign cities.
Apr 30 : Mississippi blacks build tent city under president Johnson's window to protest housing conditions in their state
May 15: antiwar demonstration in D.C., 10000 attend
Nov 5 : Walk for Love an Peace and Freedom: 10000+ in New York City

1967 Jan 27: US, USSR, UK sign treaty banning nuclear weapons in space
Feb : 25,000 troops sent to Cambodian border
Mar : Scientist report LSD causes chromosome damage (never validated)
Mar 26: Be-In at central park in NY. 10,000 attend
Apr 10: Vietnam Week starts. Draft card burning and anti-draft demonstrations
Apr 15: Anti-Vietnam War protests. 400,000 march in Central Park. Speeches by Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Dr. Benjamin Spock
May 19: First US air strike on Hanoi
May 20: Flower Power Day in NYC
Jun 30: 448,400 troops now in Vietnam July: Summer of Rioting in the US. Blacks go on the streets in Chicago, Brooklyn, Cleveland and Baltimore
Oct 8: Che Guevarra killed in Bolivia by US-trained troops
Oct 21-22: Anti-war protesters storm the pentagon
Dec: Stop the Draft movement organized by 40 antiwar groups
Dec 5: 1000 antiwar protesters try to close NYC induction center. 585 arrested including Allen Ginsberg and Dr. Benjamin Stock
Dec 31: Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin; Paul Krassner, Dick Gregory & friends pronounce themselves “Hippies”

Jan 16: Youth International Party founded Jan 18: Eartha Kitt visiting LBJ at white house and speaks out against the war
Jan 22: B-52 carrying H-bomb crashes in Greenland
Apr 4: Martin Luther King shot and killed in Memphis
Apr 11: LBJ sign civil rights bill banning housing discrimination Apr 23: students take over 5 buildings for a week. 700 arrested
May 10: Vietnam peace talks begin in Paris
July 1: Nuclear non-proliferation treaty signed by 61 nations
Aug 1: 541,000 US troops now in Vietnam
Nov 6: Student strike in SF State

Feb: Massive strike at Berkley for ethnic studies
Feb 18: Students strikes at Howard University

Apr - 543,000 US troops now in Vietnam
Apr 10 - Police called into Harvard, 37 injured, 200 arrested
Apr 11 - Start of 3 day student strike at Harvard
Apr 24 - U.S. B-52s launch biggest attack on North Vietnam. Protests in 40 cities
May 15 - Hippies in People´s Park in Berkeley attacked by police and Nat´l Guard
July 27 - Police raid on gay bar in Greenwich Village, NYC results in Stonewall Uprising. 2000 protesters battle 400 police, start of Gay Liberation Movement
Aug 15 - 15 - 17 WOODSTOCK Festival 500,000 people gathered for three days of music and peace that changed the world
Aug 26 - FBI reports 98% increase in marijuana arrests from 1966 - 1968
Oct 15 - Peace Day. 500,000 protesters nationwide. First Vietnam Moratorium
Nov 15 - 500.000 + march in Wash. DC for peace. Largest antiwar rally in U.S. history. Speakers: Mc Carthy, Mc Govern, Coretta King, Dick Gregory, Leonard Bernstein, Singers: Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul, & Mary, John Denver, Mitch Miller, Touring cast of Hair
Nov 25 - President Nixon orders all US germwarfare stockpiles destroyed
Dec - Over 100,000 US causalities in Vietnam.

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