GVC-05-19 Credits

Paul LeBrun- Lead Teacher Marti Stevens Learning Center/ Skowhegan Regional Vocational Center (USA)
Marilou Pagarigan- Cebu International School (Philippines)
Hans Behrendt- Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium Heide (Germany )

Travis Weston-MP3 player,Flash,& MP3's
Ben Sukeforth- HTML
Megan Haney- Graphic Design, HTML & Flash
Duncan Rogers
- Flash&Graphic Designer
Marlit Arriens
- Written content
Nathan Forgue-Flash
Katharina Timm- Photos & Style Consultation
Yvonne Vollmer -Photos & Style Consultation

Cody Jacques- Flash & HTML
Sebastian Balkos- Written Content
Paige Harrington -Art Work
Evan LeBrun-MP3's
Vincent Marchetti-MP3 's
Paul LeBrun- Flash

Jan-Ole Steinberg -Photos & Written Content
Jasmin Beetz - Written Content
Vera Thun
- Photos & Style Consultation
Natalja Frank- Photos
Svea Pfortner-Written Content
Mike Sharp- MP3 acoustic music
Sharon Lambert-Consultation



All art & music are the original creations of the members of our team

Thanks to all those who offered advice & support during the course of this project.

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