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In the summer of 1969 the historic Woodstock Music and Art Festival took place. Over 450,000 people came together in a muddy pasture in upper state New York . The counter cultural event was billed as "Three Days of Peace Love and Music". It began as a well crafted commercial attempt to cash in on baby boomer's love of rock music. Popular bands of the day were hired, a movie crew was put in place, a site was picked to hold the 100,000 people expected to show up, and tickets were sold. But when almost a half of million young people, mostly without tickets, peacefully assembled it went from a rock festival to a historic cultural event.

It gave a voice and an identity to a counter cultural youth movement who were turned off by the war in Vietnam and the materialism of the main stream American consumer culture. From peace movements to file sharing Woodstock echoes through in the new cyber generation that has emerged via the Internet. In our "Woodstock Planet " we offer our original music for free to the world. Our MP3 player at the top of the page offers our original compositions and our flash animations offer a way to dance together and create digital party .

We hope that you will use this site at you next mix party. Play the music, make us dance and feel the peace and love that can exist all over the world through art and music.

Make love not war...peace out......

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