In the religious form of Christmas, it is said that Christ's mother Mary learns from an angel that the holy spirit has caused her have a child. After this she and her husband Joseph, leave their home to go to Bethlehem and take part in the census that was ordered by the Roman Emperor, Augustus. With no room at the inns, they take a lodging at a manger. This is where Mary gives birth to Jesus Christ.

Christmas is the day (or near the day) of Jesus Christ's birth. The first evidence of Christmas being celebrated as the actual birth of Christ, was celebrated by the Clement of Alexandria, the first member to the Church of Alexandria in 200 A.D. Egyptian theologians believed that the day that Christ was born was May 20th. Now we celebrate it on the 25th of December because many different countries that followed the Church of Christ believed that his birth was on many different dates, until in 386 A.D. St. John Chrysostom urged that they all unite and celebrate Christ's birth on December 25th.

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