Id-Al-Fitr festival  

Eid ul-Fitr or Eid is an Islamic holiday. Eid last for about three days. It's celebrated at the end of Ramadan. In this month families are fasting, which means that they don't eat for a certain time. On the holiday Eid a typical Muslim family will wake up very early in the morning and attend a special ceremony in a big mosques . The ceremony here is usually held in big stadiums or arenas. Eid is a holiday that starts off with families praying for another family, thanking the creator for all of his blessings. Eid is a holiday where families that don't get along can renew their friendship. This holiday is a time for peace and for Muslims to devote their time to prayer.

The first Eid was celebrated in 624 CE by the Islamic prophet Muhammad after winning the Battle of Badr . A common greeting for the this holiday are "Eid mubarak," "Eid saeed," or " Eid mubarak ho!" These Arabic sayings translated in english mean Happy Eid.

In America people who celebrate the holiday Eid celebrate the day being very quite so they can see the first sight of the moon; most families aren't sure that the next day won't be Eid until they see the moon. At the end of Ramadan and the beginning sof Shawwal the Muslim people pay attention to see if there is a crescent moon if there is a crescent moon the East Coast can celebrate Eid on a different day then the West Coast.

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