Reflections: Julian Middle School
Kita Junior High School

My class was part of GVC05-16. I think we did a good job. We have both “cool” things, like flash, and good information. Ari did a good job with the opening flash! It turned out well, but I wish we could have worked together better.

I learned how to work better with the guy. I now feel much more comfortable with flash. I have also become better with fireworks and banners and buttons. I’ve learned that you actually have to communicate or else everyone just does their separate things. If you don’t ask them to do something, they most probably won’t! I know that I need to work big, then go back to the details because I know I tend to get stuck on details. i spent way too much time on my flash, time in which I could have finished everything else and worked on other things (like Purim, YIKES!).

I wish I had another year because every year I learn more that I could use the next year. This kind of project teaches me the feel of pressure and how I should use my time as well as “how to” type knowledge.


The site could’ve been better, but in the case that we’re not super computer experts, I think it is really good. As the part about the working in a group, I don’t think we did well on that because it was really hard to communicate, especially when most of your group works in a different period.

I know that I have learned more in Flash and other programs. But being in the same class as last year, nothing new has been added to my “library” in my mind.

What I have learned about working with other students is that they can create the most amazing things and that they expect to see the same out of you. I must regrettably admit that my working habits are not all that tuned up probably because of my work speed or distractions around me when I do work. I do feel that I’m not that responsible for getting work on time just because I simply forget.

I would like to do a project like this if I got the chance to do it again.


I believe that our site is pretty good, it gives plenty of information about holidays along with flashes and games. I think we worked well together, on most of the sites many people helped out contributing different things.

I have learned how to make an html page in dream weaver and handle all the technicalities (like remembering to export buttons) To make something look good you need help from others who can do things differently. If you don't finish your work on time you can mess up an entire site or project.

If I could I would I enjoyed making flashes web sites etc., and if I wasn't graduating this year I would take this class again.


I think I did pretty good I made some things for my group not all of it went on the site. I have learned that it is not that hard to do things on the computer. Now I know that I can ask other students for help when I need it. I think overall I do good but I need a little more practice with flash. I would like to do this again because It let people who liked to do buttons or flash to do them and put them on the internet. I think some are really good and some could be better. I think are group were really good. The buttons,flash, banner, writing were all great.


As a group, we did pretty good. Everything was coordinated well and planned. One small improvement I could think of would be to make buttons similar on each page. Otherwise I think we did great!!!

learned lots of cool fireworks things and it has become one of my best computer fields. I learned that all the other students have good talent and are able to work together to produce a great site(s). I learned that it being late with work is not acceptable and I always try to be on time. I'd like to do this again because it is great practice and is fun to do.

Matt B.

I think we did good. All the people got along we worked together by giving each other jobs. The only problem was when there was somebody from the other class who was in your group it made it harder because you couldn't communicate in class.

I learned how to make a rollover button, how to make a game for my GVC web site, how to upload music into a web site, how to edit a web site, and how to make my GVC site look better. I learned that its easier to worked with a group of people than work by yourself, because when your in a group you can ask questions. I learned that I can work harder if I don't chat with others that surround me and when I don't visit my work is handed in on time. It would be cool to do this again.


I think we all worked together well and we completed all our sites. It looks like it compares well with all the other works of the other teams. We did a good job.

I learned a lot more about Dreamweaver and also how to help out with a group without actually doing the web page. Some of my other group members did not help my web sites so I had to do almost all of my two sites by myself. I think I learned more last year about working with other students.

I learned more about some Christian holidays and it was fun making a web site.

Daniel K.

I think our class did very well as a group. We have a great chance of winning the contest, and all of the sites look great. Everyone put a lot of effort into the contest, so for that I think we will win.

This year in Virtual Classroom I have learned many things that I did not know last year. I learned how to make better flashes, buttons, banners, and backgrounds. But most of all I am now better at putting together a web site.

I think that iChat really helped the communication between me and other students. This allowed me to know who was going to do what for the contest, and made things much easier for both me and the other student(s).

I would do this project again because it really showed me how to use the computer better. Now that our family has a Mac, it will be easier for me and my family to use it.


We could have done much better, for we had some communication problems even with iChat. People were still walking around the room to ask questions or requests, and people on iChat were still just saying hi.

I have learned many things. Not only about the culture, but that a class of 20-30 people work much less efficiently than a class of 8, which I was in last year. I also learned that making a site is harder than I before thought.

It is better in small groups than large ones for quality, vice versa for quantity. Last year, in my class, we had some really good stuff, but less, and this year, we still had some good stuff, but I have to admit there were some things about last years site I liked better, but in my class this year, we produced more.

I have learned that, like most kids, I need a break from a hard project, but mostly (mostly is the key word) if I want something done, I can get it done. I learn as I work, as some people don't. They like to learn everything then work, but that isn't my path, and this year has shown it a lot.

'm not sure what specific topic I'd want, but holidays wouldn't have been my top choice. The web site was extremely fun to make, and I had a lot of fun working with the other kids, and best of all, watching it come together.


I think the site needs a better introduction. I have learned that I have no idea how to make a good flash or a web site in general. Working with other students is quite challenging especially when they can't speak your language fluently. I am very lazy unmotivated and have a bad work ethic. I should take more responsibility for my lazy actions. I liked to create the web site and learn how to work with new technology.


I think we did pretty well, but should have communicated more. It was too rushed at the end, and lots of people were just sitting around while others panicked. I learned a lot more about flash and dreamweaver, as well as fireworks. I learned when working with others to keep asking until I get an answer. I learned I need to set better due dates for myself, and not procrastinate. . I like learning about cultures, and having my work posted on the web for all to see.


I learned a lot about working with the flash program, especially the new one, and also about making better photoshop backrounds.

You really have to make an effort to communnicate- it's so easy to just be involved in your own little web page. The same goes with the Japanese kids- I really tried at the beginning to communicate with them (though I admit, I kind of stopped)

I think I learned that I just need to keep focused on my work, and that if I do that, I will hopefully get what I need done. I need to focus more on balancing my time- I can't spend a day on something making it more detailed when I need to do a lot-that sort of thing comes when you're done with everything else. Personally, I did not enjoy this topic of holidays that much- I think that it was a good choice for a website, but I didn't really like doing the holidays topic- it wasn't fun to write about. I do enjoy doing GVC sites- last year's was a lot of fun! Overall, I like these types of big, collaborative projects, but when it was just our grade, it felt less involved, and I didn't enjoy it that much.



How well do you think you did as a group?

-The work was very hard but I'm very glad to see such a great site.
-When I saw the pages all around, I was surprised to see such many pages. I learned from all our members including US sutdents about the importance and wonderfulness of collaboration work.
-The movie made by American students are very marvelous.
-I was impressed from the pages made by American students.
-I'm very glad because we could make such a great site.
-The most difficult thing was the translation from Japanese to English. And we spent immense time for the work. But now, we think that we want to appreciate for this project because we could learn many and the site is very nice.
-Individuality of us has come out from all the pages. And we can easily to understand about the hoildays.
-At first, we were confused because of many English, but I am impressed with the fully worked-out pages.

What do you think you have learned technically?
-I have many things to study still now, but I've learned many through this project.
-I became to be able to make homepage well.
-We become to be able to use the software smoothly.
-I could enter my ideas in the pages.

What have you learned about working with other students?
-We learned that we must think about each other. For example, we must think about the page size, design, language and so on.
-The importance of the collaboration.
-The difference of sense, system, custom and so on.
-The pleasure and difficulty of collaboration.
-I found that there are another world.
-I must study English hard.
-We should offer many opinions for the project.
-We should done our shared work.
-Even if we've not met each other, we can make such a great site.

Would you like to do this kind of project again if you had the
opportunity? Why or why not?

-Of course, I want. I cannot do by myself, then I want to enter this kind of project again.
-I could understand about the custom of US. I want to learn more about US. Then I want to enter this contest again.
-This is the wonderful experience. We cannot do such kind of work in another club.
I could do and learn many. I want to enter this kind of project again.
-I was enjoyed to contact with the frend in US. I want to do again.
-Yes. I want to make homepages more.
-Even if the country is so far from Japan, we feel to be very close! I want to do such kind of work again!