Respect-for-the-Aged Day
Respect-for-the-Aged Day(keironohi)
The third Monday in September
Senior citizens are wished health and long life for their contribution to society.

This day, the senior citizen in the region is comforted.

The origin of this day of respect for an old person
'The day of Respect-for-the-Age'd began in 1947. The mayor, Masaokadowaki, of Yachiyocho Village announced "Old people day". An old person lends his wisdom and will help to run the village. In 1947 farmers did not have much work to September 15 the 1947 an elderly persons meeting was held an "old people day" was announced.

This day was celebrated in the entire Hyogo Prefecture in 1950, become a national holiday in 1954, and the whole country celebrated this day. It was renamed once on elderly person's day, then National Foundation Day, and also Physical education day

Finally, it was changed to "Respect-for-the-Aged Day". Many people believe that the origin of Syotoku Taisi of Osaka City keironachi comes from the emperor. Sick people who don't have relative; he said that we should help all eldery. There is a theory that this day was held when Taisi stated this. Perhaps it might have been gensyo Emperor.

It in 2001, the law stated that the holiday will take place on the 3rd Monday of September instead of September 15th.

by Yanagisawa-Syouhei


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