This day was not "Sports Promotion Law" that had been enacted in 1961 as for the soil day of the week of October though it was "Day of sports". Afterwards, October 10 with the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics commemorating holding the opening ceremony of Olympics rally "Tokyo the Olympics" where Japan began to appear since 1966 was set as holiday.
Why was it Health Sports Day?
Health & Sports Day and weather
Health and Sports Day is a day when the probability of clearing up mostis high in the history of Japan weather observation . Therefore, it is said that it was chosen as the day of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. 80 percent of the days have cleared up for the past 30 even years.
Athletic meet
The athletic meet is held in a lot of schools and groups about Health and Sports Day. It is brought in from the West when movement to take the culture of the foreign country rises and it has spread, though the athletic meet was familiar for Japan.
Weather at Health & Sports Day
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