The etymology and an origin of the Golden Week

There was a movie named "Jyugakkou" (It means freedom school in English) on May 5, 1951. Two movie companies named Daiei Motion Picture and Shochiku released it. Hideo Matsuyama triggered the success from New Year and at Bon Festival. It is Hideo Matsuyama who was a managing director of Daiei Motion Picture in those days. Many people watched this movie.

He coined the word "Golden Week", saying it was a 'golden opportunity' to see the movies! The origin was called "Ougon syuukan" . The kanji means "Golden Week".

A period of the Golden Week

Golden Week is Different each year. It is generally from April 29 to May 5th.
When there is Sunday or Saturday, during Golden Week, then the dates may change and Golden Week may be longer.

April 29 / Greenery Day

May 3 / Constitution Memorial Day

May 4 / A holiday of the nation

May 5 / Children's Day (a national holiday)

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Golden Week