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Holidays are everywhere in the world - from the east, in Japan, to the west, in America; from the North Pole, to the icecaps of Antartica. In springtime, when cherry trees have burst into blossom, or petrichor permeates the air; in summer, when lazy breezes stir, and the air is full of excitement; in fall, when the leaves are painted crimson and gold by time, and life starts to settle down to sleep; in winter, when sunsets glow pink on fallen, glittering snow, and the moon shines coldly through the night. Every place, every culture, every season, everyone has a holiday or festival related to them, each more different than the next. And yet, holidays and festivals can be very similar - festivals to celebrate the coming of the seasons, holidays to bring warmth in the cold of winter, holidays to celebrate religion, or holidays simply to enjoy being a part of a world, a world where people are so unique, a world where people are so similar.

  休暇 は、世界中でどこにでも あります。東の日本から西 アメリカまで。 北極点 から、アンタルチカのアイスキャップにいたるまで。春、桜の木が花を咲かせ、春の香りが辺り一面に広がります。夏、穏やかに風が漂い、まわりは興奮でいっぱいになります。秋に、木々の葉は紅く、そして金色に輝きます。そして、冬の眠りへの準備を始めます。秋、夕焼けが空を赤く染め上げ、雪の季節になります。夜空を一晩中、冷たく月明かりが照らします。

Ariel L., Julian

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