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Have you ever wondered what people on the other side of the world do? How are they the same or different? What language do they speak? What do they do for fun? Do they wear uniforms at school?

We the students of Global Virtual Classroom 10 come from three different countries- Japan, Taiwan and Canada. We created this website to share what we have learned about each other. Working together has been a challenge as English is not the first language for two of the classes.

Each country is unique and has its own customs and traditions. Though we are different, but we all live together on this one world that is yours, mine and ours. Come on in and explore our world!

Zhi-Kai Elementary School
Tainan City, Taiwan

St. Elizabeth Catholic School
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Ougidai Elementary School
Kanazawa City, Japan

 Introduction by Samantha and Nicole
Animated gif: Chris
Logo: Camille