Canadian Democracy
By; Ryleigh A.

I’m proud to be a Canadian. We have the right to vote, even women, for who ever we choose. We can also decide whether or not to vote. We have created some cartoons based on our type of bosscisity.

There are many different groups to vote for, there is the Green Party, The New Democratic Party, The Liberal Party, The Conservative Party and The Christian Heritage Party and we are free to make any decision we want. No guns or bullies looking over our shoulders.

Canada has a constitution called the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Charter protects many basic rights for Canadians... here are a few ;

*The right to vote in government elections, and vote for anyone we choose.
*The right to run for government elections.
*The right to express our opinions, no matter how critical they may be of the government. This is usually called freedom of speech and thought.
*The right to have any religious belief, or no religious belief at all. This is called freedom of religion.
*The right to belong to any organization. This is called freedom of association.
*The right to move around from place to place in Canada, without asking anyone's permission. This is called freedom of movement.
*The right to a fair trial if we are accused of a crime.
*The right to be treated the same under law, no matter who we are.

These are only some of the rights protected by the Charter. There are many others.

When all is said and done, who really is the boss, we the people are. We allow our Prime Minister to be the boss as long as he follows the rules and does good for all of us.