Gal Friedman - Israel's gold medalisst

Gal Fridman, born on 16.9.1975, in Hadera, is an Israeli surfer who has a surfboard named "Mistral". The "Mistral" is a type of the sailboard. The sailboard is a surfboard with a sail that gives its controler a steering option. Gal is the first Israeli to win a gold medal in the Olympic Games, and he got to hear the "Hatikva" (the Israeli anthem) in the medal giving ceremony. Gal Fridman won in Athens; it's his second Olympic medal. His victory was not easy. He deserved it, after a lot of years that he practiced by himself, whether on his bicycle, or whether on his surfboard. The surfing practice is very hard. It requires strength and good physical fitness. A person could say Gal was born to this sport: Gal means 'wave' in Hebrew.

The victory totaled four years of hard work, where eventually Gal become great in fitness and could participate in the Olympics. See a video of the winning race:

Gal had a big preference over the other opponents in every category that included strength and this preference gave Gal power to lead the tournament and in the end even win the last round.

Fridman won a bronze medal in 1996. He was the world champion in 2002 and won second place in the world championship in 2003. After his winning in 2004, he became a famous rich man and he is preparing for the next Olympic Games, in 2008, Beijing. In 2005 Fridman won the Israeli championship in cycling, but he is doing this sport just as a hobby.

Gal's medals:

  • A silver medal in the Europe championship, 1995

  • A silver medal in the World championship, 1996

  • A bronze medal in the Olympic Games, Atlanta, 1996

  • A bronze medal in the Europe championship, 1997

  • A gold medal in the world AS"O championship in sail surfing, 1999

  • A silver medal in the Europe championship in Mistral, 2002

  • A gold medal in the world championship in Mistral, 2002 A bronze medal in the ISA"F world championship, 2003

  • A gold medal in the Olympic Games, Athens, 2004

  • A gold medal in the Israeli cycling championship, 2005

History of Surfing

The surfing sport started 3,000 years ago in Hawaii.The kings in Hawaiian believed when they rode on the waves they had the power of the ocean. The Europeans came to Hawaii in 1800. Then they saw the surfing.

Surfing is a very popular sport. The basic idea of that sport is to row to the waves and ride on them to the shore.

There are 3 types of surfboards:

  • Regular surfboards: the most disseminated type-sort of surfboard with a good exercise.

  • Fun-Board: They are easier to ride on, good for the beginning.

  • Long-Board: not very good exercise, but there are other things you can do.

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