Extraordinary sports persons

These athletes range from Basketball Players to bike riders. The thing these athletes have in common is that they have overcome hardships, and have continued to try and persevere. Michael Jordan got cut from his basketball team, but persevered to become one of the greatest basketball player of all time,even though his father was killed. Lance Armstrong overcame prostate cancer to win a record 7 Tour de France's in a row. Lebron James entered the NBA as the youngest player, at only 18; he had just finished high school. Today, he continues to be one of the NBA's best players. Mikah Singh overcame a tragic childhood and early racing troubles to become one of the best sprinters of all time. Gal Friedman overcame tough practices and hard training to become the first Israeli man to win a gold medal. Narnia Kayathian reached his goal by persevering his whole life. He later became the first man from India to win the Formula 1. All these greats are alike in their dedication to excellence.

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Lance Armstrong

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