Human rights

We wrote about international heroes; people that we award and think they did a lot for the world, our nation, and our country. We picked some people, which we think deserve to be remembered now and in the future. We want people to remember those heroes, who gave their life and soul for human rights.

We want to remember the long history of the USA, including all of the great people in it, and to mix the technology of nowadays with it, and this is what we hope to accomplish: it is a web site about great people, and here you can read about all kinds of them.

We worked together with a class in Israel and a class in India, which makes banners and backgrounds for the pages in the site as well as wrote about their great people. We liked learning more about these great men and women and giving them a nice part of our web site; we are happy with our work.

We would like to teach you everything we can about all of these people and we hope you will enjoy our hard work.

Text & html: Noa HC., Ein Ganim School
Background: Chen, Banner: Yair, Ein Ganim School
Photo collage: Yaara, Ein Ganim School



Martin Luther King Jr

Nelson Mandela

Rosa Parks

eleanor roosevelt

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