GVC team

As our journey comes to and end we reflect on this experience: on what it has meant to us individually and as a group.

It's been a wild and crazy time, and we LOVED it, learned from it, and have become good friends.

Thank you GVC!

Marsha Goren and Janet Barnstable

The site is full of knowledge, games, video clips, animations, stories, drawings, activities, pictures, banners and cooperation.

All these things we did with our teachers and they helped us learn.

We are not learning just English. We are learning about the world, and about different cultures.

Everybody helps to build the site. One teaches the other, and the other teaches somebody else. Whether it was a software program or a pivot animation, everyone wanted to learn and everyone helped each other. That is best way for a class to learn by coming together and sharing. We also shared our knowledge  with our friends from the USA and they taught us so many new and amazing things with the computer.

It was a great time with our friends from U.S.A., and together we built the site.

"Different countries, different people, the same dream". When we chose this name we did not know how perfect it really is. The cooperation in our work was really a dream. We have all come to be as one.

This was an unforgettable experience and we thank everyone.

Chen and Michal

I think we did great as a group and we learned really well together.

I learned about work on the computer and about children from other countries.

I learned it was great fun to work with other students because it helped me to make new friends and learn new cultures. In addition I learned to work together in a group and share in general. I would love to do this kind of project again because it was fun to know different children.


The site is very impressive and I am very proud of our work. I think we were great as a team and it brought us all together.

I learned a lot about computers and an important thing I learned is how hard it is to manage a successful site with our Internet limitations. My English got a lot better.

I enjoyed learning about our friends and other countries and cultures. It is fun to communicate internationally. When you work with human beings your work must be on time or else someone gets hurt. This teaches us to keep a schedule and be considerate of all the kids in the project. Sometimes it is hard but most of the time it is pure fun.

I will be very happy to do this kind of project again. I learned so much and had a great time with my class and teacher. Special thanks to our wonderful new friends from Oak Park. Sometimes dreams come true.

Ofir Kl

We think that the work was a lot of fun and a different way of studying. We learned a lot and we both think it was a more enjoyable way of learning than the normal way in class. We also feel we did well as a group.

We have also acquired new skills on the computer like Photoshop and a lot of new vocabulary by writing about leaders and family. We also like the collaboration and feel it is a good experience for all of the children in the project because you also meet new friends.

We most definitely want to do this again because of the computer and the kids from around the world. How small the world is thanks to projects like GVC! Thank you Janet and Marsha for caring enough to work so hard with all of us.

Omer and Snir

Nicenet's name is the best name for a net like this – it is really a nice net.

We chose to work with a class from India and a class from the USA, in a project about heroes, which is called "Different countries, different people, and same dream". We work about personal and national heroes, which we love and admire.

It is a very special project, but the biggest specialty is that if a kid from Ein Ganim writes a text about his personal heroes, an Indian kid can make a background for the page and an American kid will make an animation for the same page. This way we make a combination between all of our countries' work. It is great work and it is beautiful – I think we are doing a blessed work, so people will not forget our national heroes, and will get to know us better by our work about personal heroes.

The kids and teachers are amazing, and I have a lot of fun writing for the site and making backgrounds and animations. I am glad that I was lucky to join this project and get an opportunity to learn and help the project. Our work is important and I believe that even if we don't win the contest, we still earned knowledge in computers and about the heroes of the United States of America.

I love our project and I appreciate our teacher's hard work and the willingness of the pupils to learn and help with the project.

Noa HC, Ein Ganim School

I think we worked in a wonderful cooperation with the other classes, and with the pupils in our class. If someone needed help – he got help, and every single page in the site is made by pupils from two or three classes. I think we did great as one group and learned a lot from each other as well.

I learned about the Indian and American national heroes, and about the American kids. I learned about everyday heroes and about important, peace fighters, which I think is important to learn about.

I learned how to make backgrounds and banners in the Photoshop and I learned to make animations in Pivot. I am really happy I could learn so much and have fun together, in the same time.

I met some new friends from around the world, and I was glad to learn to work with them. I loved the part that we worked together – that each page was made of a picture or an animation, a background, a banner and the text, and a kid from each school made something, so that all of the pages are made by at least two schools. I learned that we can work together, and that if each one gives something that he knows to do in the best way, the result is the best.

I think the work in the project helped me notice that I need to be responsible and do my work on time. It is a good practice, and it gave me a lot because now I know that I need to do my work. I think I improved my habits.

I would like to do this kind of project again with classes from different countries, so I could learn more things and get to know new cultures. I think the project is very important too, because we talk about things that we want that people to know, and I think that if I have the opportunity, I should use it to let people know more, and learn by myself.

By Noa

I think our site is very impressive, I think our class worked as a group very well, we work together and get very good results.

I learned to write with no mistakes and fast on the computer, I learned to speak English better and to work with other kids around the world by the Internet. I wrote about my Dad and made games. I also improved my flash skills.

I learned to work together with other students with the help of the computers and the many kinds of options in them, we use sound records messages and write messages.

I didn't learned about my own habits but I learned that when you need to complete your work you should do it as fast as you can so you will not forget to do it.

I would like to do this kind of project again, but with other subjects, because it more fun than the usual lessons and because it's fun to work on the computers.


I think our work was in wonderful teamwork. The whole grade and the pupils in the class helped each other. Any one was happy to share his knowledge with the other pupils, and everyone completed the puzzle of the site.

I have learned about the American and Indian heroes, the every day heroes and more. It was exciting to read about people, like everybody, that saved their country. I know that I learn heroes in other classes too, but learning in English class about such important heroes makes me happy.

I have been working with other students and I was happy to do it again.

I learned that work is work, no matter if it's writing in the notebook, on the computer or in a drawing. That no matter how much special the work is, it is work, and I need to relate it as work.

I think I would do this kind of project again if I have an opportunity. It is very exiting to see you and your friend's work on the Internet, an important key for almost everything in this world, and that so many kids like us do work.


I think that Marsha is job crazy and she improved our English to a global English. This site improved our technical knowledge, about the pivot,and the typing.

learned more things than I ever knew, and I know how to express myself better.

I think that our connection to other students from all the globe is important because we are also little ambassadors for our country.

I think that we took a big part in the project and helped each other lot, if it were only forum messages until pivot animations and letters to our friends.

I think that it would be hard to do it again but the way is full of fun. I would like do it again and if I spoke about the way we would not be able to do it without Janet's class or Janet. It has been an experience of friendship between Oak Park and Ein Ganim. Janet and her class have become our virtual friends.


I think that the site and the idea of sharing a site with more classes around the world donated a lot to the teachers and to the pupils. Everyone got an occasion to learn and to teach something.

I learned to work in a group better than I knew before this project. I developed my computer qualifications and my English in as much as writing, in as much as reading and in as much as vocabulary.

I learned to estimate and to respect other people. Teamwork donates to the group consolidation; it inclines the work.

I think that I understood by the project about my work habits and their disadvantages and improved my work habits. I learned it is important to do the work and understood the importance of them in as much as what I learn from the work and in as much as in the cooperation.

I would like to do this kind of project again because I learned a lot, I met new people and it was a very interesting process.

Yasmine .H.

I think that we did well; we were united and worked all together. I learned how to do pivot animations and a lot other things, I improved my English and my vocabulary. We learned about the other students and about bibliography on the net, I learned how to make games and we met some new friends. I did the most of the work in time. I would like to do it again because it was fun and interesting, and because it's a thing I will remember all my life.

Ofir Kz

I think that the group is good and the site is beautiful. It's interesting to work with people from other countries and learn about them.

I have learned about Human Rights not just in Israel and about the Holocaust. I didn't know many things before the project and now I know much.

I have learned to work with others, even if they from other countries, and finally together we built the site.

I would like to do this kind of project again if I had the opportunity. This project was fun and this is nice to work with people from other countries. I think that the project is very good, because the project teaches me a lot of things, it shows us the things in a different way. I learned a lot of this project, I learned how they survived the Holocaust and about other heroes around the world. I learned that we work with other students we sometime need to compromise, and to be a considerate and patient with others. I learned that I needed a timetable, because if not I would not have kept up with the class.

This taught me a lot. I would like to do kind of project again, because this project helped me in many important areas for the future.


I think that we work well as a group. I think we did good work and we can be proud of our work.

I learned a lot from the project. I learned more computer skills, how to write better and read better. It was more fun to study like this because I meet new people and friends.

I will be happy to do this project again, but I think it wouldn't be the same without Marsha that I think that she worked harder than us. I think Janet and Marsha worked very hard and dedicated a lot time for our work to succeed.

I learn from this project so many things that the only thing I can to say is "thank you."

Aviv 6th grade Ein Ganim

My class was part of GVC05-01. I think we did pretty well as a group. Everyone made sure to do their job and tried get stuff in on time. If something was left undone, someone would usually volunteer to do it and it might count for them as extra credit towards their grade.

In the time spent in Virtual Classroom, from the beginning of the year, all the way to now, my skills using the computer have improved rapidly. I know things that I had no idea the meaning of at the beginning of the year. I have learned how to make different flashes, how to make backgrounds for web pages, and how to make different buttons for web pages.

I learned that if you are going to work with a group then everyone really needs to do their job. If someone slacks off, it wont be good for the whole group or the project that they are working on. That also falls under the category of responsibility. Everyone needs to help out in a group and volunteer to do different parts of a certain project.

From this experience in Virtual Classroom I have learned that is better to start on an assignment early than have to have your teacher hunt you down for an assignment that was assigned a while ago. Also, if you slack off or procrastinate, it's just making it worse for you because eventually you will have to do it, and then fall behind with the other recent assignments.

I would like to do this again because some of the things we had to do for the web site I enjoyed, others, not as much, mostly because there would be a saving error, or I skipped a step in finishing the assignment. I liked having groups because it gave us a chance to collaborate with other students on assignments, and it was easier to ask for help because they understood more on what you were working on.


I think everybody has worked really hard- as well as myself, and I think our web site is exceptionally good. I have showed my mom and sister the site, and they were amazed, so I think that everybody's first impression of the web site will be fantastic. As a group, there was a bit of bossing around, but now that it is over, I think we were glad it happened. Through progress in the web site, I think we all did well with getting along with each other, and helping one another out when it was needed.

Through this experience, I have learned how to do many things, including learning new things on flash, learning new styles for banners, and working together with other people. Usually I work by myself because I believe that it is easier because I have my idea in my head, and that is it. Through this experience, I have learned to open my mind, and take in other peoples ideas, for they may be better then mine.

Technically, I have learned how to make bibliographies perfect, how to make rollover buttons, and how to make flash and GarageBand work together.

Working with other students has taught me to expand my mind to other ideas. From this experience, I have learned to work peacefully with other students. I have learned that responsibility is key in a group project because if you are assigned to a part of a web site, and you don't finish, you are letting the whole group down. Therefore, nobody finishes. I have had some project parts late, which made others mad at me, which nobody likes. Trust me, I would know! I have also learned to try to come to school all the time so I get to work on what needs to be worked on.

If I had ever had the chance to do this again, I would say yes in a flash because I had a wonderful time working with my friends in this classroom. I would love to have this opportunity again.


I think I did pretty well as a group. We all worked together and did different parts of each page. We assigned people things to do and they got it done. Then the leader of the group put all the stuff on the web page. Sometimes people didn't do their work and the leader had to do a lot more the s/he should have.

I learned about different "heroes" of different countries; how different countries thought about heroes in different ways. Some said that their parents were heroes because they helped them a lot. I also learned about computers.

It was hard to communicate with the people in Israel and India. But we all did our parts. The only way we could communicate was through two web sites and sometimes if we sent them a message they didn't read it for a while and by then we thought they were't answering. It all worked out in the end.

I learned that sometimes I could not finish it for a while and sometimes I got stuff done early. If I really concentrated I could get the work done faster. But sometimes I was distracted and did't finish it for a while.

It was very fun and I am going to do this next year. I learned a lot about computers and it was so cool.


I think my class did really good as a group. We did good at balancing out the work in the different periods. I am really amazed how far we have come From a simple flash to a flash movie, or from a song that doesn't make sense to a masterpiece. I am really happy with the work we have done.

I have learned so many good things. Like how to turn a flash where the body parts don't move right into a animation masterpiece, or a banner that has a link that doesn't work to a rollover button. I think I will use these tools that I have learned for years to come. I may even use them to help my dad on his web site.

I have learned so many things about working with other students; some good and some bad, but mostly good. I learned how to communicate with people not only in other classes in my school, but in other countries. I also learned how to help people fix things on the computer. Lastly I have learned how to get closer to my friends by making a web site.

I have learned that I can do things fast and make them look good if I know how to do it. I learned That if I plan things out I can get more done, and if I get people in my group to balance things out it goes much faster. Lastly I learned that if you're responsible it turns out better.

I would do this kind of project again if I had the chance. I think it was a great experience for me and my friends. I love working on the computer and I think I will continue to do it. It might not be in school but at my house doing bigger or better things. Overall I think we did a really good job.


I think our GVC site has progressed really well. The sites are good and they can help you to learn about peoples heroes. They show all the great accomplishments and achievements they have been able to achieve. I think we did good as a group we were able to work together and help each other out. I think we were able to make a really good site together.

I learned some of the basics in creating a site. Like I learned how to put certain objects into the web page. We made flashes, music, info on the person, and more. All this was added on to the web page. We also learned information about the people we researched on.

I've learned that working with other students could be a little hard. Mainly because we can all have different ideas. Then we all have to figure out what works the best and agree on it. This can be hard because we may not be able to agree on something and we just continue to talk over it until we make a decision.

I've learned that I may procrastinate a little when I'm working but I still do my work. When I need help I go to someone to get help. I think my work habits have gotten better. I'm more frequent with my work, and spend more time doing it.

I would like to do this project again, but maybe a little different things it's focused on. Like different people, or an event that happened. We could also put different things on the web site. Such as new music, more flashes, and more creative games.


I think our class did very well as a group. Although there were some problems we worked through all of them. When we were working on the web site we had to talk to people from other classes and it was pretty hard, but we worked through that too. Overall I think we did very well on the web site.

Working on the GVC05-01 web site taught me a lot of things about other people. It was an opportunity to research one person's life and just focus on it and realize how many contributions they made to the world. The person I mainly focused on was Nelson Mandela. I realized that he did a lot for his people even after he was put in jail for no good reason. It also helped with my team working skills because when we were working on this web site you needed a lot of teamwork. If we didn't have teamwork we would not have finished.

Working with other students is sometimes a hard thing. But other times it can be very enjoyable and helpful. There is no way that one person could finish this whole web site by themselves. So having other people to help you was very good.

To complete all my tasks I had to be responsible. There would be no way that anyone would finish if they weren't.

I would like to do this type of project again because it helps with knowledge of other things. It was a great opportunity to work with friends and it is also a great opportunity to meet people. It taught me that if you are not responsible and you can not be depended on to help people, you might ruin someone else's work.


Snippets from more students:

I have learned that some people excel at certain things. For example I do the best at flash. The best thing is combining them all to make something great. I hope that I can do it again with other people, or the same, to do something better. I have learned that working with other countries is hard but it works well.

I learned that I am a very hard worker and I can accomplish a lot. I think that I do more than a lot of the people. Most of us do our fair share. I think that it is good that most of our work is fun but it is still work.


I learned how too make good flashes. At the beginning of the year if some one said make a flash about a guy running I would say....... "Flash?" Now I can make a great flash. I thank my VC teacher Ms. Barnstable for teaching me how to do Flash and many other things.

I learned that I'm a real procrastinator. I need some motivation to do a good job. When I do work hard I can produce good work. I just need to try hard.


I think this has opened my eyes to many problems that our partners face. I truly realize how big some problems are and that they need to be addressed. I also know they are just like us, enjoying many of the same things.

It has been a wonderful experience and it is an awesome thing.


I think we did pretty good. After viewing the other sites I think we have some competition on some of the sites but I really think we will blow them away.

I have learned that if you give someone deadlines they are more likely to get it done. I also work better taking orders than giving them.


I think, as a group, we did OK. We could have done a bit better when we put in information and some of it could have been better written. I am not disappointed but I just think we could have done better.

Working with other students is hard if you don't talk to each other, but it can also be fun when you are doing things you like. Its cool how we built these web sites with kids from another country and I like the fact that we get to collaborate on things instead of just doing our own work.

I learned that you can't let things go until the last minute or they wont be very good and that you have to work on the most important thing first, not the most fun thing.


It is good to have someone to help you because you don't know everything and the other classmates help you.

I have learned that I do my best in any work I put into. I have learned that I can do almost anything if I put my mind to it.


I have learned that people are relying on you to do what you said you were going to do. When you don't do your work you're not just letting down yourself, your letting down your group.
I thought this project really forced us to work as a team.


I like to work with the different countries and I was fun. I have another year to do this class and I will most definitely be back here next year.


I learned that through cooperation and focus of an entire group, you can get stuff done fast. Every single group member will have their job to do on a project. If you focus and get your stuff done and not worry about other people's jobs, then you get done quickly. If you interfere with other member's jobs, you slow down the group as a whole. I learned that work comes first, then you can do other things. I used to want to say "I've always got tomorrow." Well, it flies right by, and your works due. What do you do now? I got into the habit of getting my work done in chunks so that I finish my work at least a day before it's due (if possible).