Tzahal - Israeli Defense Forces

Tzahal means "Israeli Defense Forces" in Hebrew. Tzahal drafts anyone who lives in Israel and is 18 years old. The boys draft is for 3 years and the girls draft is for 2 years. Tzahal is the only army in the world that drafts women. Men reserve duty up to the age of 40. Tzahal's soliders get ranks and they classify by their leadership.

Tzahal participated in many wars and lot of soliders died. Some of the important wars were The Independence War (1948), The Six Day War (1967), The Yom Kippur War (1973), Shlom Hagalil War (1982), and the Gulf War (1991). Tzahal's missions are to protect the country, their people, and to honor the state of Israel. We respect and appreciate the hard work of our soldiers who defend us and care about our well being. We salute them with our work.

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