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"The national bravery awards for children were started in 1957 by the Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW). The award is given to recognize and honor children who perform outstanding deeds of bravery and sacrifice." (Children of Courage. Basharat Peer)

The first award was given in 1957, when two children were rewarded for their presence of mind and courage for saving the Prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Bravery awards are made in recognition of specific acts by individuals who risk their own lives in a selfless way in order to save, or attempt to save, the life of one of the citizens of India. They are also used to recognize similarly selfless, brave acts undertaken in the prevention of crime or in the arrest or attempted arrest of dangerous criminals.

Bravery award winners


The awardees receive a medal, certificate and cash.

On every Republic Day ceremony of India, 26 January (the day on which India became republic in 1950) bravery awards are distributed and the children are praised for there courage and presence of mind.

Few Brave Children

Harsh Shrivastava, a 12 year old boy and his 15 year old sister rescued a child from the frontal attack of an uncontrollable bull.

Rupesh Punjani foiled a robbery attempt in his house at Ghatkopar, Mumbai. The robbers had entered the house and were trying to steal his sister's earring.

Five children have been selected for this year's (2005) bravery awards jointly instituted by the State Council for Child Welfare and Asianet Communications. Those children are R.M. Ramseena (9), Vipesh Kumar (13), T.T. Neetu (15), P.T. Ajith Kumar (9), K.S. Saneesh (14).

Prime minister awarding a brave child.
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We are proud of these brave children and we salute them.


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