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Yitzhak Rabin - His vision remains with all of Israel.

Tubman Harriet Tubman - Credited with saving many slaves from a horrid life.
Brave Child Could you be so courageoous?


These word searches were created by hand using Microsoft Word.
Jordan Michael Jordan - greatest basketball player ever!
tzahal Israeli Defense Force
James Labron James - youngest NBA player
All Find our GREAT PEOPLE's names. There are also links to their sites.
Einstein Albert Einstein - Are you as fast as the speed of light?
Personal Heroes

Yasmine and Dana created this after reading about the personal heroes of Brittany and Andrew.


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Sport Greats Love sports? See how good your knowledge is of our sport greats!
ML King Jr. Father of the civil rights movement in the United States.
Human Rights Leaders How much do you know about the great leaders in civil rights?
Great Thinkers After you've read about the thinkers we admire, see how well YOU can think of the answers to this CrossWord.


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Our Greats! Match the pictures with the names. How well do you know these great people? Made with Hot Potatoes from Half Baked Software.
Concentration Classic memory game. Find our great people by matching their pictures.
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